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Fluoroscopic anatomy
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WLAN Configurations
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Synchronization of Unidirectionally Coupled Semiconductor Lasers
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Contrary to popular belief among embattled support men, people do not call the support line because they are lonely or have nothing better to do. Most of your clients are people not unlike you. They will try everything they can, within reason, to get their program working. They see this as a challenge. They want to get on with their work as quickly as possible. They will normally only contact a support team as a last resort. So when you start to plan the kind of support that you will offer, think how you would like to be treated yourself. Think what your colleagues and friends like and dislike about the support services they have to use. Consider the following questions: Do you have an aversion to automated voices Do you dislike having to choose from multiple options by pressing the corresponding number on your phone Do you dislike having to hold on for more than five minutes Is the music playing while you wait inappropriate When you eventually get through to the right specialist, is the advisor only semi trained Don t think what you can or can t afford. Write down a full wish list to start with. Then consider the practical options.
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where gi giNf g(i 1)Nf 1 T is the vector of weighting coef cients, nl nl,iNf nl,(i 1)Nf 1 T is the noise vector, which is distributed as N (0, s2 I), and Sl n
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Figure 4-18: Output AddressBook - III.
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Once a social engineer has such codes, getting the information he needs is an easy process. In this example, he might begin by calling a clerk in a local state police Teletype office, and asking a question about one of the codes in the manual - for example, the offense code. He might say something like, "When I do an OFF inquiry in the NCIC, I'm getting a "System is down' error. Are you getting the same thing when you do an OFF Would you try it for me " Or maybe he'd say he was trying to look up a wpf - police talk for a wanted person's file. The Teletype clerk on the other end of the phone would pick up the cue that the caller was familiar with the operating procedures and the commands to query the NCIC database. Who else other than someone trained in using NCIC would know these procedures After the clerk has confirmed that her system is working okay, the conversation might go something like this: "I could use a little help." "What're you looking for " "I need you to do an OFF command on Reardon, Martin. DOB 10118/66." "What's the sosh " (Law enforcement people sometimes refer to the social security number as the sosh.) "700-14-7435." After looking for the listing, she might come back with something like, "He's got a 2602." The attacker would only have to look at the NCIC on line to find the meaning of the number: The man has a case of swindling on his record. Analyzing the Con An accomplished social engineer wouldn't stop for a minute to ponder ways of breaking into the NCIC database. Why should he, when a simple call to his local police department, and some smooth talking so he sounds convincingly like an insider, is all it takes to get the information he wants And the next time, he just calls a different police agency and uses the same pretext. LINGO SOSH: Law enforcement slang for a social security number
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The enumeration facet constrains a simple type to a set of defined values. The permitted values must each be listed within the XSD schema. For lengthy lists of permitted values, creating the schema can, at times, become a little tedious.
where the expectation is taken over the channel state variable h. Physically speaking, the ergodic capacity de nes the maximum (constant) rate of codes that can be transmitted over the channel and recovered with an arbitrarily small probability of error when the codes are long enough to cover all possible channel states. In Figure 2.2 we compare the capacities of the AWGN channel and the SISO Rayleigh fading channel with respect to the received SNR. Here, for the fading channel case, we have used the average received SNR. It can be seen that at high SNR, the capacity of the fading channel increases 1 bit/s/Hz for every 3-dB increase
Figure 6.2 ECG in left and right bundle branch block. (A) In right bundle branch block left-to-right septal activation is normal, since the left bundle branch depolarizes normally. Depolarization of the left ventricle yields a right-to-left wave of activation. Finally the right ventricle is activated late from left to right. In V1 an rSR complex is recorded and in V6 a qRS complex is seen. (B) In left bundle branch block, right-to-left septal activation and late right-to-left activation of the left ventricle leads to a wide negative complex in V1 and a wide positive complex in V6. (Reprinted with permission from Kusumoto FM. Cardiovascular Pathophysiology. Raleigh, NC: Hayes Barton Press, 1999.)
void function(int a, int b) { int array[5]; } main() { function(1,2); printf( This is where the return address points ); }
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