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At this point, local stack variables are located at a negative offset to EBP, and function arguments are located at a positive offset. The first function argument is found at EBP + 8. IDA Pro will rename the location EBP + 8 to EBP+arg_0. Nearly all references to arguments and local stack variables will be made relative to the frame pointer in functions with this frame type. This stack layout has been very well documented and is the easiest to follow when auditing. Most code generated by MSVC++ and by gcc will make use of this stack frame.
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Creative and resourceful thinking Don t sell yourself, consult Prepare, practice, and practice some more
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N OT E Don t forget the little-endianness of IA32 here.
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2.7 The Design Stage
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Figure 15-16: Add additional system icons like the Recycle Bin into My Computer. Here, Windows uses the exact same technique: Again, a NameSpace key controls which system icons appear in My Computer. Use the next script to control which ones are displayed:
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This script sets the timer interval to two seconds (2,000 milliseconds). Then, the script enables the timer and displays a message, as shown in Figure 17-2. From now on, every two seconds, a timer event is generated. It launches the timer_TimerFired procedure. Note that while this procedure is busy displaying its message, no further events will be recognized. Also, once the script ends, there will be no more timer messages.
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15-15.VBS set reghelper = CreateObject( registry.update ) dwordvar = reghelper.GetASetting(&H2004, long ) MsgBox Flash count: & dwordvar
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(v) E z d (v) p (v) g (v) t j T f yTc 0 + n(t), (3.64) y j
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If we need to call ExitThread() or ExitProcess(), we replace the following crash function with some other function. However, it usually suffices to use the following instructions:
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Service volume [byte ]
Once he was sure he was correct in his conclusions, he would incorporate them into his trading system. One early Livermore lesson was trade only the leaders in any particular industry group. Don t play in the junkyard with the weaker stocks. Don t try to sh for the bargain stock, the as yet undiscovered stock in an industry group. Rather, go with the proven leaders! In the long run, you will be much better off. This single piece of advice can greatly assist a trader in the decision-making process. If you cannot make money with the leaders of a stock group, it is unlikely that you can make money at all in that group. He believed there is always the temptation in the stock market, particularly after a period of success, to become careless or excessively ambitious. Prudent trading requires the trader to use sound common sense and clear thinking to keep the pro t that he has already made in the market. If 29
Figure 3.1 The light E t emitted by laser L is transformed by external device F into F t and sent back to L.
The Goal
16-3.VBS set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) set fs = CreateObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ) find out location of special folder recent = wshshell.SpecialFolders( Recent ) access folder set folder = fs.GetFolder(recent) go through all shortcuts for each file in folder.files get extension type ext = lcase(fs.GetExtensionName(file.name)) is it a shortcut It should be! if ext= lnk then open shortcut set scut = wshshell.CreateShortcut(file.path) find target target = scut.TargetPath target still valid if not fs.FileExists(target) then no, delete file.delete else does target reference important file type ext = lcase(fs.GetExtensionName(target)) select case ext add extensions for all file references you want to keep: case doc case bmp case vbp case else points to something else, delete file.delete end select end if end if next wshshell.Popup Cleaned Documents Menu! , 2
Figure 14-21
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