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Satellite systems use a sky station to transmit signals between two locations on earth. Communication satellites are microwave relay stations in orbit around the earth (see Exhibit 7.2). Typically the orbit is 22,300 miles above the earth. Since the satellite travels at the same speed as the earth, it appears to be stationary in space. The power for a satellite comes from
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Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) exams
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management, and other computer functions. Characteristics of a server computer include the following:
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Basel Accords A set of international agreements adopted by the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision, providing guidelines on capital and other matters. basis point 1/100th of one percentage point. bear raid The practice of attempting to push the price of a stock lower by selling it short and spreading unfavorable rumors about the issuer of that stock. bond rating A grade given to a bond by a credit-rating agency based on an evaluation of the bond issuer s ability to pay the bond s principal and interest in a timely fashion. breaking the buck When a money market fund s net asset value (NAV) declines below $1 per share. call option A contract giving the owner the right, but not the obligation, to buy a speci ed amount of a security at a speci ed price within a speci ed time. capital The stock of a nancial institution plus speci c forms of debt (e.g., subordinated debt) that count as capital for regulatory purposes. capital requirements The amount of capital a bank is required to hold (relative to its average assets) to meet its ongoing obligations and absorb unexpected losses. central bank The entity responsible for overseeing the monetary system of a nation (or group of nations). Central banks generally in uence the money supply, function as the bank of the government, manage exchange reserves, and act as a lender of last resort. clawback The taking back of compensation paid to an employee or other person under speci ed conditions, such as nding wrongdoing by that person. clearinghouse An entity responsible for settling and clearing trades, collecting and maintaining margin, and reporting trading data. collateral debt obligation (CDO) A type of asset-backed security that is based on the cash ow from other securities, rather than a pool of whole assets such as mortgages. commercial paper An unsecured debt instrument issued by a corporation to nance its short-term needs, with a maturity of 270 days or less. common stock A security with ownership, and usually voting rights, in a company conforming loan A mortgage that does not exceed the amount of the maximum loan limits and meets the other requirements set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. conservatorship An arrangement whereby one entity or person is appointed by a court to make legal decisions for a company or bank. consumer price index (CPI) An indicator of the level of prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. contingent obligation An obligation that a bank may have to ful ll depending on future events, such as a guarantee in the event of credit losses. counterparty risk The risk to each party of a contract that the other party (i.e. the counterparty) will not honor its contractual obligations. covered bonds Bonds backed by mortgages or cash ows from other assets in a segregated account on the balance sheet of a nancial institution. credit default swaps (CDS) Contracts that entitle the buyer to a payment on the default of a bond or other type of debt obligation in exchange for that bond or obligation.
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294. } 295. } 296. catch(IOException ex) 297. { 298. System.out.println("Exception occured"); 299. } 300. } 301. while (!(event instanceof EndDocument)); 302. 303. System.out.println("**** END OF DOCUMENT ****"); // end of document // Socket Connection and Input and OutputStreams are // closed... 304. try 305. { 306. socket.close(); 307. socket_inputstream.close(); 308. socket_outputstream.close(); 309. } 310. catch(IOException e) 311. { 312. System.out.println(e); 313. 314. } // Numbering is done on the file name stored in the String // variable by the name file_data. 315. if (!file_data.equals("")) 316. { 317. file_data = counter+". "+file_data; 318. counter++; 319. } 320. StringBuffer file_data_buffer = new StringBuffer(); 321. 322. for (int i = 0;i<file_data.length()-1 ;i++ ) 323. { 324. if (file_data.charAt(i) == '\n') 325. { 326. file_data_buffer = file_data_buffer.append(file_data.charAt(i)); 327. file_data_buffer = file_data_buffer.append(counter+". "); 328. counter++; 329. } 330. else 331. { 332. file_data_buffer = file_data_buffer.append(file_data.charAt(i)); 333. } 334. 335. } 336. file_data = file_data_buffer.toString(); 337. // the Final text to be displayed in the // variable textFor Display... 338. text_for_display = " Folders \n"+folder_data+"\n"+" Files \n"+file_data;
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We assume that all backoff counters freeze during these consecutive DRP transmissions and that a guard time is available at the end of the DRP block. Similarly, let x be the number of consecutive PCA MASs not used by DRP transmissions, and weight with the length of x over the total PCA transmission slots, C n, for each combination. Then summing the probability for all cases and combinations, it can be shown that the probability of the number of consecutive PCA MASs, denoted by Px , is given by Px = (n + 1)x C n C x 1 C n x C , n x = 1, . . . , C n. (12.12)
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can be minimized by ascribing ow identi ers to each packet. Hop-by-hop routing relies on dynamically establishing route table entries at intermediate nodes. An advantage in this approach is that packet overhead is reduced, since only the destination address and next hop address are needed compared with a sequential list of nodes in source routing. Another advantage is that a route is not static and is adaptable to changes in the network environment. A disadvantage of using hop-by-hop routing is the overhead required to maintain routing tables for active routes and to prevent looping. The link reversal routing scheme decouples the dynamics of the topology of the network from long-distant control message propagation. To accomplish this, the algorithm maintains a directed acyclic graph (DAG) rooted at the destination. To clarify, a directed graph is acyclic if there are no loops and it is rooted at the destination since it is the only node that has only incoming links. Different protocols may maintain the DAG in different ways. A primary disadvantage to this approach is that some algorithms based on this scheme may be unstable and never converge or remain nonconvergent for a period of time.
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Bnk k=1 calls dropped Bhk = number of handoff class k arrivals total number of call Bh =
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function Merchandise($info, $age = P, $sex = E ) { // a buggy version of the constructor that does not work! $title = $info; $gender = $sex; $agegroup = $age; }
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K k=1
Figure 15.13 Simulated data rate.
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