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recursively synchronize all subfolders for each subdir in folder.subfolders foldername = if web = then webfolder = foldername else webfolder = web & / & foldername end if attempt to create subfolder on web server on error resume next ok = tool.MakeDir(handle, / & webfolder) on error goto 0 if ok then Report CREATED DIR & webfolder else Report OPENED DIR & webfolder end if Synchronize subdir.path, webfolder next end sub function GetFileTime(fileobj) get file time and return dummy file time if unavailable on error resume next GetFileTime = fileobj.DateLastModified if not err.number=0 then GetFileTime = CDate( 1/1/80 ) err.clear end if end function sub Report(text) write to report reportfile.WriteLine time & vbTab & text end sub sub ShowReport set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) & logfile & end sub
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Totally Electronic Market. Trades on the Eurex Exchange through the CME. Opens: Closes: 1:00 AM Central Time 3:00 PM Central Time (continued)
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1 mTc , m 0, 1, . . . , (M 1) p
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qr size mail in .net QR Bar Code Directional Transmission and Omnidirectional Reception In the directional transmission and omnidirectional reception (DTOR) scheme, the transmit antenna is directional and the receive antenna is omnidirectional. In directional transmit antenna, the data transmission is directed in a particular direction, whereas in the omnidirectional receive antenna, the data transmission is received from all directions. In the DTOR scheme, the probability Pws (r ) is given by
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Portlets are a specialized and more advanced form of Java Servlets. They run in a portlet container inside a servlet container which is a layer that runs on top of an application server. Like Java Servlets, portlets process HTTP requests and produce HTML output, e.g. with JSP. But their HTML output is only a small part of a Web page as shown in Figure 8.8. The portal server lls in the rest of the page with headers, footers, menus and other portlets. Compared with Java Servlets, portlets are administered in a dynamic and exible way. The following updates can be applied without having to stop and restart the portal server. A portlet application, consisting of several portlets, can be installed and removed using the portal s administrative user interface.
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< xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' > <!ELEMENT <!ELEMENT <!ELEMENT <!ELEMENT name (first, middle, last)> first (#PCDATA)> middle (#PCDATA)> last (#PCDATA)>
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S1 HIS d HIS m HIS p T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 CS 1,2 CS 3,4 CS 5,6 CS 7,8 CS 9,10
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The shell again has its very own way of handling link files. To access a link file, use the following approach:
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Figure 12.8 (a) A 64-point R4MPC FFT implementation structure [21]; (b) The new commutator for the structure in part (a) with four parallel inputs; and (c) new connections in the commutator.
Figure 9.5 Round trip performance for peak purchase workload
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speci cation of the 22 series. These speci cations are called Stage 1 descriptions. They never contain a technical realization of the service proposed. For example, TS 22.228 is the highlevel service description of the IMS (cf. 10). The next step consists of an architecture and high-level technical solution. This work is performed by the SA2 Working Group, and results in a Stage 2 document of the 23 series. In the case of IMS, this is TS 23.228. The reader will note that for ease of reference the last three digits stay identical, although this convention is not always followed. The other 3GPP Working Groups now take over and work out the technical details called Stage 3, documented in other series. In the case of IMS, we nd that TS 24.228 contains the signalling between UE and the IMS, in other words it documents how SIP and SDP are used (cf. 15). TS 29.228 is about intra-IMS signalling, in particular it covers the usage of the Diameter protocol (cf. 13). In the course of this book we have also encountered documents from a GSM only series, namely TS 43.318 on GAN (cf. 18, Section 18.2) and TR 43.901 on GAN evolution. The reader will recall that GAN currently only applies to the A/Gb interface for EDGE, it does not apply to a 3G System. The digits xyz identify a document in a particular series. To some extent, they carry extra meaning. The reader should be warned, however, that this numbering space is depleted in some zones and that therefore these conventions cannot always be followed. Hence, the xyz digits can only hint at the content of a particular speci cation. T 0yz applies to 3G Systems, GPRS and GSM, whereas 1yz and 2yz apply to 3G Systems only. For example, TS 23.060 is the basic PS Domain speci cation that also applies to GPRS (cf. 6). T 8xy and 9xy are reserved for TRs.
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