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However, the timer control can do much more. It allows your script to react to the pending timeout. For one thing, you can do clean-up work, which is impossible with the //T: approach. In 20, you ll learn a lot about Internet controls. Imagine that you automate some Internet download process and want to make sure it doesn t loop forever. If you establish a timeout using //T:secs, the script will be interrupted after the number of seconds you specify. The Internet connection will remain active, though, and if you dial into the Internet, your phone line will remain busy. Not so with the timer control. Once the timer event fires, you have all the time in the world to respond to it and close down the Internet connection properly.
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doesn t bear out. They attribute the difficulty to the fact that the equations are uniquely determined . . . [with] no arbitrary constants. 26 What Einstein considered a blessing unique solutions with no free parameters turned out to be a curse, because they couldn t make any adjustments to model nature more closely. If they did have a free parameter, perhaps they could have adjusted it to yield more natural results. Anyone familiar with the physics of the times would have noted another feature lacking in their approach. Their unification model included only two forces, yet by then other interactions were known. One of the most pressing issues of the day concerned the properties of the forces that held nuclei together and allowed them to decay, namely what we now call the strong and weak interactions. It was the talk of physics, but Einstein was so secluded that he wasn t really listening.
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[23] R.M. de Moraes, L.D. Oliveira Neto and J.R. Rios Leite, Analog circuits simulation of communication with chaotic lasers , Appl. Phys. Lett., 70, 1357 1359 (1997). [24] L. Rahman, G.F. Li and F. Tian, Remote synchronization of high-frequency chaotic signals in semiconductor lasers for secure communications , Opt. Comm., 138, 91 94 (1997). [25] V. Annovazzi-Lodi, S. Donati and A. Scire, Synchronization of chaotic lasers by optical feedback for cryptographic applications , IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 33, 1449 1454 (1997). [26] P.M. Alsing, A. Gavrielides, V. Kovanis, R. Roy and K.S. Thornburg, Encoding and decoding messages with chaotic lasers , Phys. Rev. E., 56, 6302 6310 (1997). [27] E.A. Viktorov and P. Mandel, Transmission of encoded information based on antiphase dynamics , Opt. Lett., 22, 1568 1570 (1997). [28] C.L. Pando, Loss of synchronization in lasers via parameter degradation , Phys. Rev. E., 57, 2725 2732 (1998). [29] H.D.I. Abarbanel and M.B. Kennel, Synchronizing high-dimensional chaotic optical ring dynamics , Phys. Rev. Lett., 80, 3153 3156 (1998). [30] J.P. Goedgebuer, L. Larger and H. Porte, Optical cryptosystem based on synchronization of hyperchaos generated by a delayed feedback tunable laser diode , Phys. Rev. Lett., 80, 2249 2252 (1998). [31] L. Larger, J.P. Goedgebuer and F. Delorme, Optical encryption system using hyperchaos generated by an optoelectronic wavelength oscillator , Phys. Rev. E., 57, 6618 6624 (1998). [32] P.S. Spencer, C.R. Mirasso, P. Colet and K.A. Shore, Modeling of optical synchronization of chaotic externalcavity VCSEL s , IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 34, 1673 1679 (1998). [33] L.G. Luo and P.L. Chu, Optical secure communications with chaotic erbium-doped fiber lasers , J. Opt. Soc. Am. B., 15, 2524 2530 (1998). [34] V. Ahlers, U. Parlitz and W. Lauterborn, Hyperchaotic dynamics and synchronization of external-cavity semiconductor lasers , Phys. Rev. E., 58, 7208 7213 (1998). [35] P. Ashwin, J.R. Terry, K.S. Thornburg and R. Roy, Blowout bifurcation in a system of coupled chaotic lasers , Phys. Rev. E., 58, 7186 7189 (1998). [36] A. Sanchez-D C. R. Mirasso, P. Colet and P. Garc iaz, ia-Fern ndez, Encoded Gbit /s digital communications a with synchronized chaotic semiconductor lasers , IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 35, 292 297 (1999). [37] S. Sivaprakasam and K.A. Shore, Demonstration of optical synchronization of chaotic external-cavity laser diodes , Opt. Lett., 24, 466 468 (1999). [38] P.S. Spencer and C.R. Mirasso, Analysis of optical chaos synchronization in frequency-detuned external cavity VCSEL s , IEEE. J. Quant. Electron., 35, 803 809 (1999). [39] A. Uchida, H. Shinozuka, T. Ogawa and F. Kannari, Experiments on chaos synchronization in two separate microchip lasers , Opt. Lett., 24, 890 892 (1999). [40] S. Sivaprakasam and K.A. Shore, Signal masking for chaotic optical communication using external-cavity diode lasers, Opt. Lett., 24, 1200 1202 (1999). [41] Y. Takiguchi, H. Fujino and J. Ohtsubo, Experimental synchronization of chaotic oscillations in externally injected semiconductor lasers in a low-frequency fluctuations regime , Opt. Lett., 24, 1570 1572 (1999). [42] S. Sivaprakasam and K.A. Shore, Message encoding and decoding using chaotic external-cavity diode lasers , IEEE. J. Quant. Electron., 36, 35 39 (2000). [43] C. Juang, T.M. Hwang, J. Juang and W.W. Lin, A synchronization scheme using self-pulsating laser diodes in optical chaotic communication , IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 36, 300 304 (2000). [44] Y. Liu and P. Davis, Synchronization of chaotic mode hopping , Opt. Lett., 25, 475 477 (2000). [45] H. Fujino and J. Ohtsubo, Experimental synchronization of chaotic oscillations in external-cavity semiconductor lasers , Opt. Lett., 25, 625 627 (2000). [46] S. Sivaprakasam and K.A. Shore, Critical signal strength for effective decoding in diode laser chaotic optical communications , Phys. Rev. E., 61, 5997 5999 (2000). [47] H.F. Chen and J.M. Liu, Open-loop chaotic synchronization of injection-locked semiconductor lasers with gigahertz range modulation , IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 36, 27 34 (2000). [48] I. Fischer, Y. Liu and P. Davis, Synchronization of chaotic semiconductor laser dynamics on sub-nanosecond time scales and its potential for chaos communication , Phys. Rev. A, 62, 011801 (R) (2000). [49] A. Uchida, T. Ogawa, M. Shinozuka and F. Kannari, Accuracy of chaos synchronization in Nd : YVO4 microchip lasers , Phys. Rev. E., 62, 1960 1971 (2000). [50] S. Sivaprakasam, E.M Shahverdiev and K.A. Shore, Experimental verification of the synchronization condition for chaotic external cavity laser diodes , Phys. Rev. E., 62, 7505 7507 (2000).
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Exhibit 2.10 would serve as a tool for establishing optimal staffing levels for a fast-food restaurant.
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Service-Oriented Business Application (SOBA)
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B.1 ASP basics: request and response objects
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The AutoNumber counter is incremented each time you add a new record. Deleting records won t decrement the counter. So, when you add your next record, it won t get the id previously assigned to the deleted record. It always gets a unique id number.
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with the rst term corresponding to the best (in the Frobenius-norm sense) rank L approximation of the matrix Y. The lter coef cients h are then computed as h Vs Ls 1 Us H ys : (2:15)
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perc10/90 mean trajectory
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