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Otto Kahn of Kuhn Loeb & Co., the traditionally Jewish investment bank that figured prominently in the money trust hearings, and Edward E. Loomis of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.21 He recalled that both tried to influence him on financial policy, while pouring freely. Although resisting their advances, he later revealed that he felt somewhat out of place because of the manner in which he was dressed. He remarked, I was the only one there dressed like an American citizen. 22 Brookhart felt dressed in a business suit, rather than the white tie and tails favored by financiers at formal occasions. The greater question as to why a Prohibitionist was invited to a formal affair where liquor was served was not addressed, but it showed that someone who put together the guest list had not done enough homework. The affair caused a public commotion after he made the speech, but Commonweal noted that he still suffered from a gross lapse in good taste for revealing it after the fact. Both Kahn and Loomis declined to comment after the affair. Shortly thereafter, Brookhart was invited to New York to debate Prohibition with noted attorney Clarence Darrow, who took the side of the wets over the drys. After a spirited debate, Darrow remarked that his opponent was sincere; it s too bad he is uncivilized. 23 Criticism of Brookhart was not isolated from the other Progressives of the 1920s. All except Norris were roundly criticized for their lack of conviction for true Progressive principles, shirking their ideals, or caving in and voting with the right wing of the Republican Party. The American Mercury cast Brookhart as gullible and scatter brained, while Shipstead was notable as a gas-bag without the gas. Borah was characterized as the biggest sham of them all . . . the principle peddler from Idaho, the Great God Borah who had undermined progressivism more than all progressive senators together. 24 It was not difficult to see why the Progressives in the 1920s were a movement rather than a unified group. Their love of oratory and the individual spotlight made unification almost impossible. Yet the longer they were able to maintain a presence on the public stage, the better their chances would be of making a collective impression after the Crash of 1929 occurred.
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out, 65 overhead, 7 Overoperability, 2 PAINT, 68, 72 Pattern with arbitrary links, 138 named and oriented links, 138 Parallel and distributed computing, 28 computing, 27 distributed machine, 1 Parser, 102 Patrol(ling), 208 by any number of robots, 211 by a single robot, 208 by two robots, 209 Payload, adding planting trees, 150 to CC implementation, 197 Physical location, moving into, 113 matter, 62 delivery and processing, 55, 167 transference, 112, 116 working with, 96 examples, 96 neighborhood, 192 world, 34 directly accessing, 235 nodes, temporary, 34 operating in, 235 parameters, accessing, 36 search, 171 Places, 63 Plans, future, 239 Polygons, visiting, 175 Predecessors, recorded, 13 Problem(s) of distributed implementation, 15 distribution, 6 managing distributed systems, 5 shortest path, 10 Processor(s) communication, 102 control, 101 operation, 102 product, 94 Programming in a single doer, 123 in integration of worlds, 151 in multiple doers, 126 of virtual world, 130
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where bk is the blocking probability considering class k only. The total system utilization is
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Figure 11.18 Visualization of PCA results.
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personnel. Significantly, they can be used to raise capital by giving the public or investors a share in the firm in return for money. Shares can be classified. You can offer holders the rights to a vote and/or share in dividends. Directors do not technically have to be shareholders although they normally are.
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These lines establish a connection to your object and return the name of the object you received. It s Application. Switch back to your documentation folder and search for a file called Application. There it is open Application.htm. A search for spelling quickly brings GetSpellingSuggestions to your attention. All right! So how do you check the spelling of some words Here s an example:
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the method typically depends on the purpose, the time available to develop and implement specialised optimisation techniques, and the necessity to obtain solutions with guaranteed optimum objective value. The following paragraphs shall provide a brief overview of common techniques as an introduction to the detailed discussion of some optimisation techniques in Sections 14.4 and 14.5. The methods in Sections are heuristics, they only strive to find good solutions, without relating the solutions found to the global optimum. The methods in Section, in contrast, can give quality guarantees and are therefore also called exact methods. A common classification of heuristic optimisation methods distinguishes between construction and improving methods. A construction method starts from nothing and builds up a solution in steps. While the final step has to produce a complete solution, intermediate steps may produce partial solutions. In the context of UMTS radio network design, such a partial solution may be a partially configured network. For example, only 50 out of a desired number of 150 sites are configured. Improvement methods, on the other hand, typically operate on complete solutions, iteratively changing some aspect in order to improve the result. Most of the neighbourhood search methods described next are of this kind. A trivial solution strategy of the improvement type is complete enumeration. The idea is to enumerate the entire solution set, to memorise the solution with the best objective function value checked so far, and to return the best solution once all have been analysed. As the size of the solution set often grows at least exponentially with the size of the instance, complete enumeration is only practically feasible for very small problem instances.
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information. Simulation results between FSR and CFSR illustrate lower bandwidth requirements for CFSR as mobility is increased. Liang et al. [34] presented an adaptive routing table update scheme for FSR to improve routing accuracy and line overhead. The main idea of this scheme is that route table updates intervals (TUIs) should be adaptive according to a mobility metric called neighbor-changing degree (NCD). A node maintains two neighbor tables, where each table assigns a scope ak (k the number of hops from a focal node) value to each neighboring node. The rst neighbor table assigns a scope value at the beginning of a routing update interval, and the second neighbor table assigns a scope value at the end of the routing update interval. A node ascertains the NCD by comparing the two respective scope values and modi es the routing update interval, if necessary. A reiteration of the above was provided by Johansson et al. [35], where it was shown that higher user capacity could be achieved by adapting FSR parameters to optimum values based on the total network capacity. Further, it was shown that, if xed FSR parameter settings are implemented, they should be based on the lowest network capacity that can occur at a given time.
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Hammer's advice is easier said than done. Just finding good, solid business data in the first place is a significant challenge. Of course, things are a little different on a Web site compared to general business metrics. We have a great deal more data to work with, from page view and click-streams through individual profiles and CRM aggregations. A great deal of your success in this area will depend on whether your site is built to be measured.
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throughout the SDLC process and indeed any quality management process. Requirements for safety, security, regulatory compliance, compatibility adherence to the overall vision and configuration, and the satisfaction of business requirements should be required in the documentation of the adopted SDLC methodology.
2-13.VBS set fs = CreateObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ) set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) find out location of windows folder windir = wshshell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings( %WINDIR% ) get access to windows folder: set winfolder = fs.GetFolder(windir) list all EXE-files: for each file in winfolder.files find out extension name: ext = lcase(fs.GetExtensionName( is it an EXE file if ext = exe then add it! list = list & ucase( & vbCr end if next strip off the last delimiter: if len(list)>0 then list = left(list, len(list)-1) end if MsgBox list if needed, convert list to dynamic array: filenames = Split(list, vbCr) MsgBox There are & UBound(filenames)+1 & executables!
le of all 75 locations, and a completed certi cate le of all 1,267 certi cates issued last month. A total of 1,542 test data records would be manually built using the brute force approach. An example of the equivalence class approach would be to start by creating 20 certi cates records representative of different ages, different sexes, different instructors, and different classroom locations. Then create only the 10 or so instructor records needed to print the 20 certi cate records. Then create only the 5 classroom location records needed to print the 20 certi cate records. A total of 35 test data records would be manually built for rst testing using the equivalence class approach. Once testing is begun, the number of certi cate records can be increased, the number of associated instructor records can be increased, and the number of associated classroom location records can be increased to meet the speci c volume and variety testing needs. Lower volume, wider variety of records are needed rst for functional testing. Higher volume, fairly similar records are needed second for performance testing.
the chip duration. Decimal codes {cj } represent a pseudo-random TH code for this transmission. UWB signals can be modulated in different ways; for example, by changing the amplitudes of the pulses with bb j=Ns c , modulations like OOK, BPSK, positive PAM, and M-ary PAM can be obtained. Similarly, by varying the time positions of the pulses with dab j=Ns c , modulations like PPM and M-ary PPM can be obtained. The transmitted signal passes through a multipath radio propagation channel to reach the receiver. A single antenna UWB receiver is considered in this chapter. In addition to the desired signal, interfering signals and AWGN are present at the receiver input. Therefore, the received signal can be represented as r(t)
The parameters that are needed in this model are ( , , m T , H ), where and are the mean and variance of the Gamma distribution and m T is the slope of the line that best ts the tail of the Pareto distribution. 8.2.3 Data Traf c Two traf c models for data traf c are presented in this section. One is a le transfer protocol traf c model; the other is an email traf c model.
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