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The preceding code simply executes a user-mode payload consisting of a NOP. Furthermore, it executes this payload from within SharedUserData itself; on systems with DEP enabled, SharedUserData will need to be marked executable first. The addresses we ve chosen for our pass-through code and for storing variables such as the target PID are arbitrary.
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It looks like attempting to guess the correct offset could take forever. Maybe we ll be lucky with this attempt:
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The online Bonus 1 offers tips for preparing a reason for looking statement. If you follow these suggestions, then this question will be a breeze.
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MITNICK MESSAGE If a stranger does you a favor, then asks you for a favor, don't reciprocate without thinking carefully about what he's asking for. In a con like this one, the social engineer tries to pick a target who is likely to have limited knowledge of computers. The more he knows, the more likely that he'll get suspicious, or just plain figure out that he's being manipulated. What I sometimes call the computer-challenged worker, who is less knowledgeable about technology and procedures, is more likely to comply. He's all the more likely to fall for a ruse like "Just download this little program," because he has no idea of the potential damage a software program can inflict. What's more, there's a much smaller chance he'll understand the value of the information on the computer network that he's placing at risk. A LITTLE HELP FOR THE NEW GAL New employees are a ripe target for attackers. They don't know many people yet, they don't know the procedures or the dos and don'ts of the company. And, in the name of making a good first impression, they're eager show how cooperative and quick to respond they can be. Helpful Andrea "Human Resources, Andrea Calhoun." "Andrea, hi, this is Alex, with Corporate Security." "Yes " "How're you doing today " "Okay. What can I help you with " "Listen, we're developing a security seminar for new employees and we need to round up some people to try it out on. I want to get the name and phone number of all the new hires in the past month. Can you help me with that " "I won't be able to get to it 'til this afternoon. Is that okay "What's your extension "
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"DO IT NOW" Not everyone who uses social engineering tactics is a polished social engineer. Anybody with an insider's knowledge of a particular company can turn dangerous. The risk is even greater for any company that holds in its files and databases any personal information about its employees, which, of course, most companies do. When workers are not educated or trained to recognize social engineering attacks, determined people like the jilted lady in the following story can do things that most honest people would think impossible. Doug's Story Things hadn't been going all that well with Linda anyway, and I knew as soon as I met Erin that she was the one for me. Linda is, like, a little bit... well, sort of not exactly unstable but she can sort of go off the deep end when she gets upset. I told her as gentle as I could that she had to move out, and I helped her pack and even let her take a couple of the Queensryche CDs that were really mine. As soon as she was gone I went to the hardware store for a new Medico lock to put on the front door and put it on that same night. The next morning I called the phone company and had them change my phone number, and made it unpublished. That left me free to pursue Erin. Linda's Story I was ready to leave, anyway, I just hadn't decided when. But nobody likes to feel rejected. So it was just a question of, what could I do to let him know what a jerk he was It didn't take long to figure out. There had to be another girl, otherwise he wouldn't of sent me packing in such a hurry. So I'd just wait a bit and then start calling him late in the evening. You know, around the time they would least want to be called. I waited till the next weekend and called around 11 o'clock on Saturday night. Only he had changed his phone number. And the new number was unlisted. That just shows what kind of SOB the guy was. It wasn't that big of a setback. I started rummaging through the papers I had managed to take home just before I left my job at the phone company.
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