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Notice the presence of the * and + characters, because they change the meaning of the <name> content model. Now that the <name> content has been defined, which is put in a new file called name_v2.dtd, let s look at a couple examples. First, there is Listing 2.3 (johndoe.xml), which contains no middle name. This situation demonstrates the ability to define the <middle> element as being optional.
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set tool = CreateObject( mci.manager ) exchange with your own AVI file: media = C:\WINNT\clock.avi tool.PlayInWindow media
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In this section, we saw how RDF is the foundation layer for RDF Schema that enables you to create new RDF classes and properties. Another key benefit of RDF is that it allows you to do noncontextual modeling, described in the following section.
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If a website is password-protected using HTTP authentication, then this variable will be set and will contain the username supplied to the authentication system. (Often this is not the same as the user s personal login identifier.)
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gressive contemporaries, Walsh always proceeded from carefully reasoned positions rather than from the hip or the heart. As a result, he was one of the most admired of the Wild Jackasses. While a young attorney in Montana, he did legal work for the Anaconda Copper Company, the state s major company, and was offered the post of its general counsel. His future as a wealthy attorney would have been ensured, but he refused the job because it would have required him to refuse cases on behalf of the less fortunate and the workingman, from whose ranks he had risen. He incurred the company s wrath as a result, and it opposed him in succeeding elections; however, this did not impede his career as a legislator of the people. When FDR was elected president, Walsh was his choice for attorney general. However, he died suddenly of a heart attack while on a train bound for Washington to accept Roosevelt s appointment. On hearing of his death, FDR noted, He was one of my oldest and most trusted friends and one on whose calm judgment I could always rely. . . to fill his place in the circle of my friends will be impossible. 34 Walsh was the embodiment of the radical Progressives of his era, although he was hardly flamboyant or a great orator in the tradition of William Jennings Bryan or William Borah. He had been on the side of liberal-minded causes throughout his career, although not all were successes. When he was first appointed to investigate the Teapot Dome hearings, he was sent so much documentary material that the Harding administration hoped he would drown under the weight of it all. But he did not and proceeded to sort it out. As a result, the hearings proceeded. A similar incident would occur after the Crash and Walsh s counsel would prove crucial in the outcome of those later hearings. Tucker and Bartley wrote what would become a prescient first chapter of Sons of the Wild Jackass in which they stated that a brood of pugnacious Progressives who have been only so much political protoplasm, and might have remained in that quiescent state for generations, were transformed by Moses into the nucleus of a new party, even though it may yet be years before it functions more than fitfully. 35 Their assessment was correct, but
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An ad in your local paper can bring you numerous sellers. As an example, a want-to-buy-dinnerware ad would work very well for me. I love to sell china and dinnerware, and I know that there is a lot of it out here in the Valley. Keep in mind, though, that if you place the ad, sellers may want you to name the price. This can get tricky. I tend to overpay when I have to name the price. My grandmother always said, Whoever names the first price loses, and she was right. Any good negotiator lets the other side speak first. Therefore, always ask the seller what he or she wants for the item. If the seller doesn t know, tell the seller to do some research and get back to you. It is better to have your seller see the reality of the situation by doing his or her own research. Suppose the person with the dinnerware goes onto (a great Web site for researching china and silverware) and finds that the set would sell for $1,000 on that site. So the seller calls me back and wants $500. Now we have a starting point. I can then explain to him or her that when I resell china, I typically get 30 percent of what Replacements asks. So, I would expect to sell the set for $300 on eBay. To handle an entire set of dishes, I expect to double my money. I would then be able to tell the seller that if all the pieces are in perfect condition, I ll pay $125 to $150. If the seller is interested, I would then go and see the set. Consistently check the classified ad section of your local paper. You can find anything imaginable. Phone sellers ahead of time and get more information before you actually drive out to
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13 Pitching the Price
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What s on the CD-ROM
The metric coef cients (Table 11.5) were obtained by a regression of the proposed model with the training set (MOS values averaged over two runs of all 26 subjective evaluations for a particular test sequence). To evaluate the quality of the t of the proposed metrics for the data, a Pearson correlation factor (VQEG 2000) was used. The metric model was evaluated with MOS values from the evaluation set (MOS values averaged over two runs of all ten subjective evaluations for the particular test sequence). The performance of this proposed model was not satisfying (Tables 11.6 and 11.7). In the following, estimates so-obtained were used as input for a further design of an ensemble based video quality estimator.
As soon as both sides are sure they want to look further into the matter you should get together with your counterpart and draw up a heads of agreement. This is an informal, non-binding agenda in which both parties set out the negotiating criteria: The intent of both parties The issues and concerns that need to be addressed An outline of how the takeover will work
Once your students are talking to each other in English, there s no reason to cut them off. In fact, if you can get them to extend their conversations in a more natural way, so much the better. Communicative activities are rather controlled and often involve repeating the same grammar over and over again, so you need to work your students into more conversational dialogues.
Automatic protection. Automatically encrypts sensitive data before storing, and decrypts it again when it is needed, without any user intervention. The contents of the folders and the mail messages are encrypted with the 128-bit AES algorithm. Easy encryption of stored mail messages. The user can encrypt all stored mail messages and lock the inbox of the mail application. Secure user authentication with PIN and passphrase. Offers two ways of user authentication: a PIN code and a passphrase. When the device is activated, the PIN code is used for easy access to the device. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly, the application will request the user to enter the passphrase. After three failed attempts, the device will be locked and can only be unlocked with the master key created during installation. Support for external memory. Unprotected information on removable media can usually be accessed with any compatible device. Supports secured folders also on external memory devices, such as memory cards and microdrives. Easy key recovery if passphrase is forgotten. Offers an easy mechanism for recovering the encrypted data if the passphrase is forgotten. When the main application has been installed, it creates a strong, random master key. In a user forgets the passphrase, the user or an administrator can use the master key to create a new passphrase.
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