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2-8.VBS check whether script is run in CSCRIPT (DOS-Environment) host = WScript.FullName hostexe = lcase(mid(host, InstrRev(host, \ )+1)) if not hostexe = cscript.exe then error! We run in WSCRIPT, so let s re-launch in CSCRIPT! set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) CSCRIPT.EXE & WScript.ScriptFullName & quit WScript.Quit end if get access to input and output stream:
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Expected Growth of Wireless
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Let s take a look at the return_input() function. We want to breakpoint the call to gets() and the point where it returns:
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FAST or Slow
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In This
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Logging Off from Your Server
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Appendix A
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Listing 6.15 A record of hourly temperature readings in XML (HourlyTemps.xml).
Ventricular tachycardia
At rst glance, the aims of MIMO and UWB do partially overlap, mainly with focus on high data rate, but are also partially unrelated. Hence, the aim of this contribution is to rst shed light on the marriage of MIMO with UWB. The acronym used in the following is MIMO&UWB, under which all combinations of the above categories are summarized, for example, beamforming with impulse radio or multiple carrier systems with spatial multiplexing. This chapter is organized as follows. First, the potential bene ts of MIMO&UWB in terms of range extension, data-rate improvement, interference rejection, and potential technological simpli cations are brie y introduced. Second, a literature review on ultra wideband multiantenna techniques, subdivided in spatial multiplexing, spatial diversity, beamforming, and related topics is given to illustrate the state of the art. Then, spatial ultra wideband channel measurements and modeling are highlighted to provide a solid basis for algorithmic design of MIMO&UWB transceivers. Finally, our own recent results on MIMO&UWB are presented. This contribution closes by an outlook summarizing the major challenges in this interdisciplinary research eld.
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