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System.out.println("The popular Java books:"); for(int i=0;i<bookNodes.getLength();i++) { Element bNode = (Element) bookNodes.item(i); NodeList temp = bNode.getElementsByTagName("STARS"); if(temp.getLength()==0)continue; // A book without a star rating Node starsNode = temp.item(0); String starCode = starsNode.getFirstChild().getNodeValue(); float stars = Float.parseFloat(starCode); if(stars<4.0) continue; Node titleNode = bNode.getElementsByTagName("TITLE").item(0); System.out.print(titleNode.getFirstChild().getNodeValue());
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COBIT PROCESS AI 6 DS 5 DS 11 Managed and measurable. Responsibilities for IT security are clearly assigned, managed, and enforced. IT security risk and impact analysis is consistently performed. Security policies and practices are completed with specific security baselines. Security awareness briefings have become mandatory. User identification, authentication, and authorization are being standardized. Security certification of staff is being established. Intrusion testing is a standard and formalized process leading to improvements. Cost/benefit analysis, supporting the implementation of security measures, is increasingly being utilized. IT security processes are coordinated with the overall organization security function. IT security reporting is linked to business objectives. Managed and measurable. The change management process is well developed and consistently followed for all changes and management is confident that there are no exceptions. The process is efficient and effective, but relies on considerable manual procedures and controls to ensure that quality is achieved. All changes are subject to thorough planning and impact assessment to minimize the likelihood of post-production problems. An approval process for changes is in place. Change management documentation is current and correct, with changes formally tracked. Configuration documentation is generally accurate. IT change management planning and implementation is becoming more integrated with changes in business process, to ensure that training, organizational changes, and business continuity issues are addressed. There is increased coordination between IT change management and business process re-design.
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Figure 5.5 A homemade insulated cold bath.
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Amplitude Error (%) 10% 5% 2% 1% 0.5% 0% IR 4 ( ) + ( G)2
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Cash Invested in the Business
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The van broke down. She got up. So every time you teach a phrasal verb you need to tell the students whether or not it s separable. The most common way to do this is by writing s/o (someone) or s/t (something) into the phrasal verb on the board: To call s/t off (pv) (I also include pv here to show that it is a phrasal verb.) In the examples of separable phrasal verbs, I put the object in the middle between the verb and preposition. However, at times you can use an object pronoun instead of a noun. If the sentence contains an object pronoun instead of a noun, put the pronoun between the phrasal verb and preposition, nowhere else: I have to call it off, not I have to call off it. I need to back him up, not I have to back up him. In some cases, a separable phrasal verb must have the object in the middle whether it s a pronoun or not. The phrasal verb to tell apart works in this way: Can you tell the twins apart Not, Can you tell apart the twins Some transitive phrasal verbs (the ones that need an object) aren t separable. So for example to put up with needs an object but you can put the object only after with : Why do you put up with John s behaviour Finally, some phrasal verbs need not one object but two. To do out of needs someone and something to make sense. For example: That crooked boss did me out of my wages! So here, one object goes after the verb and the other after the preposition. If you have to use a phrasal verb in a passive sentence, just keep the verb and preposition together, regardless: He complained that he had been done out of his wages by the boss.
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This chapter was a full-blown application developed using MIDP for Mobile Phone. After reading this chapter, the reader can manipulate the application provided in this chapter to add create a complete portal and can add more services. In 11 we will develop an application using CLDC and Kjava APIs and it is the last chapter containing a project.
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Accounting Packages
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Performance Testing
A cable modem is a broadband technology that is used like DSL, but with some differences. A cable modem is a shared connection, whereas DSL is a direct, unshared connection; therefore, speed can degrade during peak usage times. Also, a cable modem commonly has a larger starting bandwidth than DSL, which may offset the shared usage degradation.
Think about user-mode exploits for a minute. Writing reliable, robust exploits for user-mode code is important, but depending on the context, not essential. Exploits for client-side bugs, for example, may not require 100 percent reliability depending on the context in which they are used. Similarly, some server-side exploits may also have margin for error if, for example, the bug is a stack overflow in a worker pool thread and an access violation simply results in the termination of the thread. Now consider kernel-mode exploits. In almost all scenarios a kernel exploit must work the first time, and it must repair any damage to the stack or heap it has caused in order to maintain system stability. Failure to do so will lead to a bug check. The machine may reboot immediately, allowing another attempt, but this is hardly elegant or stealthy.
250 200 150 100 50 0 0 2 4 Delay Time (ns) (b) 6 8
Table 8.1 TERM
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