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This chapter studies the architecture of the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN). We also look at some of the lower layer protocols in the UTRAN and on the radio interface. These protocols are speci c to UMTS and as we will see in later chapters their design approach to some extent in uences how certain functions are provided. Further detail on UTRAN architecture is available in [3GPP 25.401] and on UTRAN protocols in [3GPP 25.301]. Terminology discussed in 8: Broadcast and Multicast Control Iu- ex Logical Channel Node B Packet Data Control Protocol Physical Channel Radio bearer Radio Link Control Radio Network Controller Radio Resource Control RRC Connection Stateful Transport Channel UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network BMC
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175.11 20.56 209.67 30.67 118.06 0.85 129.34 69.40 30.91 49.66 74.32 27.22 79.44 27.96 45.11 54.78 15.46 66.88 59.06 71.33 72.92
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One issue remains how is it possible to display a custom icon in the tray area How can you assign an icon to the form SetIconInternal uses ExtractIconEx to extract the bitmap handle of any icon stored in any icon resource file. However, you ll only get the raw handle. You can t assign the icon handle to the form directly.
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Part IV
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SOLUTION In order to support a discontinuity in the electric eld intensity at the trace conductor/propagating medium interface in Figure 4.2, a surface charge density, e,s = 2E2,x is required to exist by Equation 4.1. Similarly, at the ground plane/propagating medium interface, a surface charge density, e,s = 2E2,x is required. a. For a pure TEz10 wave at 1 V, Ex 1 V/0.006 in = 6.7 103 V/m so b. the surface charge density is e,s = r 0 E x = ( 4 ) (8.85 10 12 C 2 Nm 2 ) ( 6.7 103 V m ) = 0.237 10 6 C m 2 c. Jl , trace = e,s u p az = ( 0.237 10 6 C m 2 ) (3 108 m s I trace = (35.5 A m )( 0.010 in ) az = 8.9 mAaz and ax ( H2 H1 ) = Jtrace J ground plane = 71A maz so if H1 = 0, H2 = 71 A may NOTE The electric eld intensity that results from the application of a 1 V signal on a PCB of 6.7 kV/m is about 1% of the breakdown (local lightening) electric eld intensity of humid air, so we should not be surprised that PCBs sometimes fail upon exposure to humidity. With such a large electric eld intensity, the response of the material in the propagating medium plays a large role in the propagating eld loss. Correspondingly, H = 71 A/m (or B = 0.89 G) is about the magnitude of the earth s magnetic ux density. 4.2 (a) Evaluate the total current that propagates down the transmission line and (b) compare this current to the conduction current caused by the applied potential for a 50 transmission line from a circuit model analysis. SOLUTION From Example 4.1, a. I total = I trace I ground plane = 17.8 mA z and b. I c = V 1V = = 20 mA Z 0 50 4 ) az = 35.5 A m az ,
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Manager 5 2% base fee 20% incentive fee
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In this section, we cover a few of the more advanced vulnerability tracing technologies that can be implemented to improve vulnerability tracing technologies.
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Whether attending a national professional conference, major trade show, or small networking club, the following strategies work for most group settings:
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Source: U.S. Census Bureau. www.census.gov/hhes/www/housing/census/historic/owner.html.
Node authorsNode = bNode.getElementsByTagName("AUTHORS").item(0); System.out.println("; " + authorsNode.getFirstChild().getNodeValue()); }
Go ahead and sip your coffee. The script takes many minutes to check all the available objects. Even though it works behind the scenes, it s still alive. You ll either get the final list of object names or some sort of reaction to the test call. Close all program windows that might appear, and restart the script if Windows reports an exception fault. Once the list is generated, restart your system just to make sure. The list will still be there. It s stored in C:\SCRIPTOBJECTS.TXT.
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