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A net present value (NPV) calculation is thrown in as a discount you apply based on the time value of money and a rate you apply for risk. If 2 percent of your receivables end up as bad debt, that needs to be part of the equation. In an ideal spreadsheet, the numbers apply to a specific market segment. If it costs three times as much to sell something to a teenager in the Northeast who is five times more likely to leave the fold within months, then advertising on MTV.com is not your best move. You're going to use the resulting LTV to give you a compass. Should you spend more on customer retention such as a frequent buyers program More on up-selling and cross-selling Changes in customer-complaint management systems Be sure to consider all the elements that go into valuing a customer, some of which are depicted in Figure 12.16 from Mark Turchan and Paul Marushka's article, "Developing a methodology for measuring customer value" in the Fall 2000 issue of the Journal of Customer Loyalty.
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Focal atrial tachycardias are uncommon, with an overall prevalence of less than 0.5%. They are the least common type of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia found at electrophysiologic testing, accounting for less than 10% of cases in large series. Mechanistically, abnormal automaticity is the most common cause of atrial tachycardia, particularly in children. Arrhythmias due to triggered activity can also be seen in children. Small reentrant circuits appear to be a more common cause of focal atrial tachycardia in adults. Adenosine is sometimes used to identify the putative mechanism for an atrial tachycardia. Adenosine will cause abrupt termination of arrhythmias due to triggered activity (adenosine-sensitive) and reentry, while abnormal automaticity will be transiently suppressed without termination. However, studies that systematically evaluated adenosine have yielded mixed results. Regardless of mechanism, focal atrial tachycardias appear to arise from speci c sites, and often the surface ECG P wave and endocardial activation pattern will give the clinician some direction for identifying the source of the arrhythmia. In the right atrium the most common site for atrial tachycardia is the crista terminalis, which is a long ridge that travels vertically along the anterior and lateral right atrium. Other less common right atrial sites for atrial tachycardia
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5.4.6 Two-Level Fractional Guard Channel Scheme A two-level fractional guard channel (TLFGC) scheme [7] to provide ef cient priority access for handoff calls over new calls in cellular systems is presented in this section. The switching between levels is controlled by a dropped call. The rst level has a small number of guard channels, like the xed guard channel (FGC) scheme, while the second level has a larger number of guard channels and a smaller number of fractional guard channels. An analytical formulation of the steady-state probabilities, new call blocking probability, handoff call blocking probability, system utilization, probabilities in each level, and the equivalent number of guard channels is presented. Numerical results show that the performance of TLFGC is almost the same as a xed guard channel (FGC) scheme under light load. However, the advantage of the TLFGC scheme is demonstrated under heavy load, where the handoff call blocking probability is much better than that of a FGC scheme, giving greater priority and protection to handoff calls over new calls. The TLFGC scheme works as follows. In level 1, the TLFGC scheme works similarly to a FGC scheme. A small number of guard channels, C G1 , in a cell is reserved for exclusive use by handoff calls, whereas the others can be used by both handoff calls and new calls. However, the TLFGC scheme differs from the FGC scheme in that the former will be triggered to move to the next level (level 2) when a handoff call is dropped because no channel is available in the cell. In level 2, more guard channels, C G2 (> C G1 ), are allocated for exclusive use by handoff calls than in level 1; the other channels in this level can be used by both handoff calls with no restriction and new calls with a fractional probability, 2i , depending on the states the system is in. 2i is between 0 and 1, and the values decrease with the increase in state (2, i), i = 1, 2, . . . , C C G2 1: 2i = 1 i . C C G2 (5.29)
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introductions, you would just about always leave the personal information out unless it s a major selling point for you. Also, look at how you might want to reorder the content in the three steps. Some people like to start with the personal information and work backward. Others might want to start off with a bang, saying their asset statement first like a news headline and then filling in the rest of the story with their work history. Get creative with it, and above all, make sure that you are comfortable with your statement and feel that it is something you would naturally say or write. The wording given in the template is very boilerplate, particularly phrases like look forward to new challenges. Fee free to change the language to something that you would actually say. The template language is provided only as a jumping off point for you.
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Your COM object needs an additional method that you can call to show your window. All the public methods that are visible from the outside live inside your user control. So take a look at your Project window and right-click on your user control. It s located inside the User Controls folder. In the context menu, choose View Code. Your user control is completely empty (see Figure 4-10). Add the following procedure:
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How Does an XML Schema Processor Work
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per defect, primarily due to the increased dif culty in defect diagnosis and correction for this larger aggregation of code that has been packaged for delivery. Does it really save money to wait and test the software application or product just before it goes out the door Thirty years of industry statistics say a resounding NO! The story gets worse. If the development manager decides to scrimp on testing or skip testing completely to save a few thousand dollars and let the customers help test it, the manager will experience the largest project defect correction cost. Capers concludes that it costs on average $14,102 to correct each defect that got past the development team entirely, and that is detected by the customer who receives the application or product. Now the cost of defect correction must also include diagnosis at a distance, package level correction, and the delivery of the correction xes to all customers of the product, not only to the customer who found the defect. If the customer has already installed the application or product and is using it in mission critical situations, then the developer s challenge to x the customer s code is somewhat like trying to x a at tire on a car while the car is going 50 miles per hour.
Laser Diode Feedback Interferometry
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