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The U.S.Treasury has proposed that systemic risk be monitored by a newly formed Financial Services Oversight Council (FSO Council), which would replace and expand the existing President s Working Group for Financial Markets.3 Headed by the Secretary of Treasury, the FSO Council would have seven other members: the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, the National Bank Supervisor (a new of ce), the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (a new agency), the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Director of
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Automatic Network Design
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int unsetenv(char * string)
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How Does MACRS Affect Investment Decisions
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To wow a prospective employer or networking contact, you might want to develop and use a portfolio. Portfolios are collections of documents that advertise what you have to offer. Put together in a loose-leaf binder, two-pocket folder, or bound inexpensively, portfolios may contain: your r sum ; letters of recommendation from bosses; letters of praise from clients or coworkers; writing samples (if relevant); other project/work samples; copies of diplomas, licenses, or certificates; press clippings featuring you or your work; and anything else that would market you well for the type of jobs you are trying to land.
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improvements you ve made or contributed to the making of. In general, you would answer these questions just as you would any of the what can you do for us type of questions described earlier in this section.
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This is an insanely broad definition. Clearly you can't build a product around something so broad, but you can develop a long-term vision. ... Early in the planning process, we used a combination of brainstorming, secondary research, and our prior experiences to create a taxonomy for categorizing all of the things a home server could do. Because we are solution and scenario focused, it makes sense for this taxonomy to start with Scenario Areas as the highest-level bucket. We identified 11 scenario areas where a home server would be valuable (valuable to customers, end users, Microsoft, third parties, and so on): PC and Network Management Home Network Infrastructure Storage Data Protection Publishing and Sharing Anywhere Access Communications Entertainment Family Applications Third-Party Platform Enthusiast Playground Within each of these scenario areas, we identified 10 20 end-to-end scenarios resulting in several hundred total scenarios. We spent just enough time talking about each scenario to be able to have a succinct description (one short paragraph max). For example, within the Anywhere Access scenario area, we wrote down the following scenario:
SGE supports four job types batch, interactive, parallel and array. The rst three have obvious meanings, the fourth type array job is where a single job can be replicated a speci ed number of times, each differing only by its input data set, which is useful for parameter studies. Submitted jobs are put into job queues. An SGE queue is a container for a class of jobs allowed to execute on a particular host concurrently. A queue determines certain job attributes; for example, whether it may be migrated. Throughout their lifetimes, running jobs are associated with their queues. Association with a queue affects some of the actions that can happen to a job. For example, if a queue is suspended, all the jobs associated with that queue will also be suspended. In SGE, there is no need to submit jobs directly to a queue. A user only needs to specify the requirement pro le of the job (such as memory, operating system and available software) and SGE will dispatch the job to a suitable queue on a lightly loaded host automatically. If a job is submitted to a particular queue, the job
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