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For example, suppose that you were conducting an XML-based online survey and part of your instance document looked like the following:
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Spurred by the auctions of LMCS spectrum in Canada during 1996 and by the US LMDS frequency auctions, the Digital Audio-Visual Council (DAVIC) was established to ``favour the success of emerging digital audio-visual applications and services, by the timely availability of internationally agreed speci cations of open interfaces and protocols that maximise interoperability across countries and applications/services. Membership is open to any interested organisation who declares himself individually and collectively committed to open competition in the development of digital audio-visual products, technology and services''. DAVIC has issued a number of speci cations (DAVIC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5). The initial version, DAVIC 1.0, is the most widely deployed version today, and is designed to support the following applications by means of MMDS or LMDS systems: . TV distribution; . video-on-demand; . Basic teleshopping. The subsequent versions of DAVIC speci cations are designed to add the following further functionality:
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Source: Zona Research, 2001 Table 12.5: What Is Analyzed LIFETIME REVENUE CONTRIBUTION DISCOUNT IMPACT Net profitability Performance by month
5/2 91% 3/2 t = 1.4 10 7 s 1/2 Nuclear energy levels of a 57Fe nucleus following its population from the electron capture of a 57Co nucleus (Table of Isotopes).
FIGURE 8.11 Network gaming traf c model.
The newer, faster HiperLAN/2 standard is being developed by ETSI in hopes that it will become a worldwide standard. A HiperLAN/2 network typically has a topology as depicted in Figure 2.8. As shown, the mobile terminals (MT) communicate with the access points (AP) over an air interface, as defined by the HiperLAN/2 standard. (Note: There is also a direct mode of communication between two MTs, which is still in its early phase of development and is not further described in this version of the document.) The user of the MT may move around freely in the HiperLAN/2 network, which will ensure that the user and the MT get the best possible transmission performance. An MT, after association has been performed (can be viewed as a login), only communicates with one AP in each point in time.
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