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stack pointer 0xFFBF1234 will point to 0xBF1234 when its most significant byte is overwritten. This address will be invalid unless the heap has been extended significantly to that address. Only in selected cases may this be feasible. In addition to byte order problems, the targets for pointer corruption on Solaris/SPARC are limited. It is not possible to reach the frame pointer, because it is deep within the array of saved registers. It is likely only possible to corrupt local variables, or the first saved register %l0. Although vulnerabilities must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, off-by-one stack overflows on SPARC offer limited possibilities for exploitation at best.
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14 Promoting Your Product
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Unrealized gains and losses ow through the income statement only in the event of a permanent impairment.
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The Model Base
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Legacy ERP System RPG/CICs
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Network Mask Addresses 11111111.11111000.00000000.00000000 01100000.00000---.--------.-------01100000.00001---.--------.-------01100000.00010---.--------.-------
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PM_ADDR In Bluetooth, parked member address, an 8-bit member (master-local) address that separates the parked slaves. The PM_ADDR is only valid as long as the slave is parked. PMD See Physical medium dependent sublayer.
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Always check for scheduled news releases before trading.
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and HD3) and intermodulation distortion numbers (IM2 and IM3) are of great interest in characterizing circuits operating under nonlinear conditions. It can easily be shown that, by passing a single-tone sine wave signal with frequency f1 through a circuit with second-order nonlinearities, a component with twice the frequency at 2f1 is created. This component is referred to as the HD2 and it is usually specified in terms of its amplitude relative to the desired signal in decibels relative to the carrier (dBc). Similarly, by passing two equal-amplitude sine wave signals with frequencies f1 and f2 through the same circuit, frequency components at f1 f2 and f2 f1 would be created.51 These components are referred to as IM2 components. IM2 components are also typically specified in terms of their amplitude relative to each of the desired tones (in dBc). Note that even-order nonlinear terms can also generate DC terms. Figure 3.4 describes these concepts pictorially. Note that second-order nonlinear components (HD2 and IM2) in a nonfrequency-translating and non-baseband circuit can be rejected by using a bandpass filter and may therefore not cause significant problems at the system level. It is also important to note that even-order nonlinearities (including HD2 and IM2) in a circuit can be minimized by using differential circuits. Ideal differential circuits will have infinite rejection of even-order harmonics since they possess an odd transfer function. Mathematically it can be shown that the power series expansion of an odd transfer function will have no even-order terms. Of course, in a practical circuit, imperfections in the layout symmetry would cause finite levels of even-order distortion components. Similarly, by passing a single tone at frequency f1 through a circuit with third-order nonlinearities, components at 3f1 are generated (HD3). By passing two tones with frequencies at f1 and f2, nonlinear components (IM3) at 2f1 f2 and 2f2 f1 are generated. It is important that, although HD3 components can typically be rejected by filtering, IM3 components can fall in band (or very close in to the band) and are therefore difficult to practically filter. Close attention, therefore, should be given to reducing the amount of thirdorder nonlinearities of the circuit. Parameters often used to characterize the nonlinearities of the receiver are the second-order intercept point (IP2), the third-order intercept point (IP3), and in general the nth-order intercept point (IPn). The linearity of an amplifier is easily characterized by its intercept point. The second-order intercept point quantifies second-order linearity performance while the thirdorder intercept point quantifies third-order linearity. Figure 3.4 displays a
Use leverage If you receive another bonafide offer prior to or while in negotiations with one employer, play the offers off each other to see who can ultimately give you the best deal. Be patient Some employment negotiations take time. You might have to conclude a first conversation without agreement and then revisit the issue in a subsequent phone call or face-to-face meeting. Don t try to rush the process, or you ll only do yourself a disservice. Be willing to hold out for what you deserve Although it is important to be flexible and let the other side save face occasionally, you do deserve to get an offer that is fair or even more than fair. Walking away from an offer is a tried-andtrue tactic that works. The employer realizes you mean business and sees that you must really think you deserve a better offer. Just be prepared, however, to lose out on the job if the terms you are refusing to accept actually are the employer s best and final offer.
I ve been hearing rumors on the Street about you and a wheat trade. Tell us about it, J.L., entertain us at lunch. Well, I just felt the demand for wheat in America was underestimated, and the price was going to rise. I waited for what I call my Pivotal Point and stepped in and bought 5 million bushels of wheat, about 7 million dollars worth. I watched the market closely after the purchase. It lagged. It was a dull market, but it never declined below where I bought it. Then one morning the market started upwards, and after a few days the rise consolidated, forming another of my Pivotal Points. It laid around in there for a little while, and then one day it popped out on the upside with heavy volume. A good signal, so I put in an order for another 5 million bushels. This order was lled at higher and higher prices. This was good news to me because it clearly indicated that the market line of least resistance was upward. I liked the fact that it was much more dif cult to acquire the second lot of 5 million bushels. I then had lled out my predetermined target position of 10 million bushels, so I stepped back, and kept my eye on the market. It formed into a strong bull market and rose steadily for several months.
Another vital element to trading futures is key numbers. Traders must know the points of support and resistance in the market, and that means that they must be familiar with the key numbers. Key numbers are those stopping points at which the market may reverse or accelerate. 10 is devoted to key numbers and market indicators, but I cannot discuss futures trading without saying something about the numbers. As a general rule, you should wait for resistance to be broken before you become a buyer and you should wait for support to be crossed to the downside before you are a seller. Otherwise, a trade may be halted by the forces of the market and the trade will not pay. As traders, we may have short memories, but the financial markets do not. The price point where the bears were stopped yesterday or the high that the bulls were unable to move above last week are important, and the market remembers them. These price points, along with other important numbers, will be likely stopping points or pivots for the market. Some of the most important key numbers that I watch are the yearly open, monthly opens, weekly opens, daily opens, and daily highs and lows. I also note the 12:30 PM price on the S&P and the 6:00 AM price on the Dax. Throughout the day when I am trading I keep an eye on these price points and use them to stay on the right side of the action. I could not trade without knowing and using key numbers. Finally, I use market indicators. I look at the NYSE Tick, the NYSE issues, and the Nasdaq issues. I also check the TTICK, my proprietary indicator. If I am buying, I want these indicators to be strong and getting stronger. If I am selling, I want them to be weak and getting weaker. Again, all of these indicators and how to read them are discussed in depth in 10. Therefore, I will not go into that here. Remember that in order to trade futures successful, three things must be working in your favor: Time, key numbers, and market indicators.
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