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Leroy called Mrs. Underwood himself, explained who he was and did she have a Mr. Tom Stilton working for her She sounded like she was still half-asleep. "Yes," she said.
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23-1.VBS set fs = CreateObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ) set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) msg = ADO status: & vbCr & vbCr check whether Connection is accessible on error resume next set dummy = CreateObject( ADODB.Connection ) if not err.number = 0 then MsgBox msg & ADODB.Connection isn t working! WScript.Quit else msg = msg & ADODB.Connection is operational. & vbCr end if on error goto 0 retrieve files on error resume next clsid = wshshell.RegRead( HKCR\ADODB.Connection\CLSID\ ) exec = wshshell.RegRead( HKCR\CLSID\ & clsid & \InProcServer32\ ) path = Left(exec, InstrRev(exec, \ )-1) path = Left(path, InstrRev(path, \ )-1) & \Ole DB\ if not err.number=0 then MsgBox msg & Error retrieving file version information! WScript.Quit end if on error goto 0 check for ADO components filename = msdadc.dll if fs.FileExists(path & filename) then filever = fs.GetFileVersion(path &filename) msg = msg & filename & exists: Version & filever & vbCr else msg = msg & filename & is missing. & vbCr end if filename = oledb32.dll if fs.FileExists(path & filename) then filever = fs.GetFileVersion(path &filename) msg = msg & filename & exists: Version & filever & vbCr else msg = msg & filename & is missing. & vbCr
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Windows Overflows
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Look at similar products, and use from/to criteria to try and nail down your options. Beware of inexperienced staff that give you the answer they suspect you would like to hear.
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Managing User Accounts (the API Way)
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ne of the most useful things that Windows Home Server can do for your home network is to keep your files and computers backed up. With a default installation of the Windows Home Server Connector software on your PCs, Windows Home Server will automatically back up each PC every night. You can configure the times that this happens, and you can designate which drives are included and which folders are excluded. If a computer is going to be unavailable for a long period of time, you can disable backups for that machine so that it does not generate network health warnings. If you have mobile PCs, or if you turn off your PCs at night, you need to understand how this will affect Windows Home Server s ability to backup your computers and how to change the backup schedule to a more convenient time. This chapter will teach you what the default settings are, provide you with an understanding of when the defaults may need to be changed, and show you how to make the changes if necessary.
In addition to recording the comings and goings of bugs, you also need to keep track of the succession of versions. Programs that go out to test come back for revamping and are subsequently reissued. Version control software keeps track of all changes that you have made to software during production. This allows you to roll the clock back to any point during development, if required. Version control software is mandatory.
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