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Appendix A
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The financial and cultural switch from using salespeople to sell via a telephone to selling in person is massive. The time, support costs, and payback escalate and can only be justified on top ticket items (> $5,000) or high-volume sales (100 x $50 upwards). These figures are highly subjective as it depends on the sales cycle of your product and the average number of visits required to convert a customer. Table 16-2 shows an example of a firm selling a $5,000 product. Look what happens to the bottom line as selling costs vary.
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Averaged RMSE Before and After After Smoothing (m) 2.30 1.30 0.99
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The Wild World of Windows
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<body bgcolor=#ffffff onunload="displayMoreTiresomeAdvertising()"> <form action="/cgi-bin/ProcessOrder.pl" method="post" onsubmit="return validateOrder()"> <a href="OnSpecial.htm" onMouseOver="{ window.status='Check out todays specials!!!'; }">
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99) } 100) 101 public static void main(String args[]){ 102) new CheckRadio_Spotlet(); 103) } 104)}
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Surface Chemical Composition
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