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readable, writable, or unmapped on the target process. With time and, especially, brains, this may be all that s needed to do remote memory mapping. Realizing that fork() doesn t re-randomize the memory layout, the OpenBSD team started changing the more critical applications to re-execute themselves, instead of just fork()ing, to force the re-randomization on every new process. ASLR, when properly implemented and integrated with the applications, is a very strong protection against code execution exploits; however, most operating systems fail to offer a complete solution, leaving the window open for attacks to sneak in. When writing an exploit, it s always interesting to look for what is fixed in memory and identify what pieces of code can be reused from a known location. Attack techniques like ret2plt will recover their vitality and come to help us in the hard task of writing exploits.
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Figure 14.5 Allocating spectrum in FDMA
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TC (Initialization)
Connectivity (private, Data resources (data Security (access, Operating system
Table 15-3 lists all the visual effects built into Windows. The table also reveals which effects are available on which Windows version.
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