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Listing 6.5 A data store of annual reports from the twentieth century (AnnualReports.xml).
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220 9: Project 4 : Peer-to-Peer Search Application
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5 described the desirable contents of a test plan and the associated test cases. The heart of the test plan is a series of test cases that detail the test execution steps needed to validate the software. The challenge for the tester is to progress from writing the test plan at a high level to writing the test cases at the test execution level. The experienced tester has discovered that the developer produced use cases provide a ready blueprint for test case authorship.
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databases easier (see the sidebar titled 802.1x and Airport Wireless ). The standard defines a client/server-based access control and authentication protocol that restricts unauthorized devices from connecting to a LAN through publicly accessible ports. The authentication server verifies each client connected to a switch port before making available any services offered by the switch or the LAN. Until the client has been authenticated, 802.1x access control allows only Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN (EAPOL) traffic through the port to which the client is connected. Once the client has been authenticated, normal traffic can pass through the port. Most of the major wireless vendors have announced plans to support the new standard; products due late 2002. Cisco Systems, Inc. has already introduced the Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) for its Aironet devices. Using LEAP, client devices dynamically generate a new WEP key, instead of using a static key as part of the log-in process.
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IEEE 802.16 IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover Mobile WiMAX Network Access Provider Network Attachment Subsystem Next Generation Networks PacketCable 2.0 PacketCable Application Manager Policy Server PMIPv4 Proxy Mobility Agent Resource and Admission Control Subsystem Service Layer Ultra Mobile Broadband WiMAX ASN Pro le Wireless Broadband
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