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External factors, which are beyond your control, are often key to getting people to advance cash. The government might have introduced some enticing tax breaks. There might have been a flood of highly publicized hack attacks and you are going to market an industrial-strength firewall or a super-secure Web server. The economy may be riding a crest like that of the late 1990s. You couldn t create such circumstances if you wanted to. Yet they could make your proposition relevant and bring it to the top of the pile. If you are presented with such a fortunate opportunity, seize it with both hands.
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Table 20-2 File Attributes on FTP Servers
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Figure 8-17
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Fundamentals of Practical Radio Access Network Design
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The XML specification defined two levels of conformance for XML documents: well-formed and valid. Well-formedness is mandatory, while validity is optional. A well-formed XML document complies with all the W3C syntax rules of XML (explicitly called out in the XML specification as well-formedness constraints) like naming, nesting, and attribute quoting. This requirement guarantees that an XML processor can parse (break into identifiable components) the document without error. If a compliant XML processor encounters a wellformedness violation, the specification requires it to stop processing the document and report a fatal error to the calling application. A valid XML document references and satisfies a schema. A schema is a separate document whose purpose is to define the legal elements, attributes, and structure of an XML instance document. In general, think of a schema as defining the legal vocabulary, number, and placement of elements and attributes in your markup language. Therefore, a schema defines a particular type or class of documents. The markup language constrains the information to be of a certain type to be considered legal. We discuss schemas in more detail in the next section.
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$ uname -a SunOS slint 5.8 Generic_108528-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10 $ isainfo -b 64 $ id uid=1001(ser) gid=10(staff) $ tar xf o0o0.tar $ ls -l total 180 drwxr-xr-x 6 ser staff 512 Mar 19 2002 o0o0 -rw-r--r-1 ser staff 90624 Aug 24 11:06 o0o0.tar $ cd o0o0 $ ls 6 8 make.sh moka.c o032-8 o064-7 o064-9 sysfs_ex.c 7 9 make32.sh o032-7 o032-9 o064-8 o0o0 $ id uid=1001(ser) gid=10(staff) $ ./o0o0 $ id uid=1001(ser) gid=10(staff) euid=0(root) $ touch toor $ ls -l toor -rw-r--r-1 root staff 0 Aug 24 11:18 toor $
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Examining echoing
Part IV
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4: Developing Your Own Script Components
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