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I II S1 V1 HRA HIS p CS 1,2 CS 3,4 CS 5,6 CS 7,8 310 ms CS 9,10 RVa d Stim 1 S1 S2 430 ms
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Heap-Based Buffer Overflows
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3GPP2 Access Network
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Disk tools are useless for remote action if they require user input after all, you want your script to run unattended. This is why most disk tools can be preconfigured. Both SCANDSKW.EXE and DEFRAG.EXE work this way. To preconfigure a disk tool, choose Run from your Start menu and call the disk tool with the option /sageset:number. Replace number with any number: for example, SCANDSKW.EXE /SAGESET:1. The disk tool won t start. Instead, a configuration dialog box appears, and you can choose exactly which options you want your script to use. To call the disk tool with those preconfigured details, have your script launch the tool with the /sagerun:number option: for example, SCANDSKW.EXE /SAGERUN:1. It s the only option you need. Automatically, the tool starts and uses the configuration details you previously specified. SAGE stands for System AGEnt, the Windows 9.x service that calls programs automatically at intervals. So, the /sage... options actually belong to the System Agent, allowing it to call tools without user intervention. Your scripts can take advantage of this.
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there is no overflow, and we get our string echoed once. If we overwrite the saved return address with the address of the call to return_input():
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speed and the capacity of a hard drive are much more than a floppy disk because a hard disk can store data 30 to 2,000 times and spins several times faster than a diskette. For example, a 2.1-gigabyte hard disk will spin at 7,800 revolutions per minute compared to 360 rpm for a diskette drive. The disadvantage of a hard drive is that the read/write head rides on a cushion of air about 0.000001 inch thick over the disk surface. A head crash happens when the surface of the read/write head, or particles on its surface, come into contact with the disk surface, causing the loss of some or all of the data on the disk.
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Light-emitting diode (LED) Used in conjunction with optical fiber, a LED emits incoherent light when current is passed through it. Its advantages include low cost and long lifetime; and they are capable of operating in the Mbps range. Link Access Procedure An ITU error-correction protocol derived from the HDLC standard. Link encryption Each entity has keys in common with its two neighboring nodes in the chain of transmission. Thus, a node receives the encrypted message from its predecessor neighboring node, decrypts it, then reencrypts it with another key that is common to the successor node. Then, the encrypted message is sent on to the successor node where the process is repeated until the final destination is reached. Obviously, this mode provides no protection if the nodes along the transmission path are subject to compromise. Link key The authentication key used to establish a link between wireless devices. LLC Logical Link Control. The IEEE layer 2 protocol. LM Link manager. Software that carries out link setup, authentication, link configuration, and other protocols. LM channel Link manager control channel. One of the five logical channels defined for the Bluetooth system. The LM channel carries control info exchanged between the link managers of the master and the slave(s). It can be carried by either the SCO or ACL link. LMP Link Manager Protocol. Used for link setup and control. The LMP PDU signals are interpreted and filtered out by the link manager on the receiving side and are not propagated to higher layers. LMP-authentication An LMP-level procedure for verifying the identity of a remote device. The procedure is based on a challenge-response mechanism that uses a random number, a secret key, and the BD_ADDR of the noninitiating device. The secret key used can be a previously exchanged link key or an initialization key created based on a PIN (as when pairing). LMP pairing An LMP procedure that authenticates two devices based on a PIN and subsequently creates a common link key that can be used as a basis for a trusted relationship or a (single) secure connection.
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EJB basics
Now that you have the IP address, you can access your router s configuration interface. Open up an Internet Explorer window, type the IP address for your router into the address bar and press Enter. Some brands of router will now prompt you for a username and password. Other devices such as the Westell 327W do not require a password unless you actually want to make changes or access security sensitive settings on the router. The initial screen is shown in Figure 11-17.
A CGI program and examples
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