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Table 12-1 Cost Comparison
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3-5 Department voice mailboxes Policy." Set up a generic voice mailbox for every department that ordinarily has contact with the public. Explanation/Notes: The first step of social engineering involves gathering information about the target company and its personnel. By limiting the accessibility of the names and telephone numbers of employees, a company makes it more difficult for the social engineer to identify targets in the company, or names of legitimate employees for use in deceiving other personnel. 3-6 Verification of telephone system vendor Policy: No vendor-support technicians will be permitted to remotely access the company telephone system without positive identification of vendor and authorization to perform such work. Explanation/Notes: Computer intruders who gain access to corporate telephone systems gain the ability to create voice mailboxes, intercept messages intended for other users, or make free phone calls at the corporation's expense. 3-7 Configuration of phone system Policy." The voice mail administrator will enforce security requirements by configuring the appropriate security parameters in the telephone system. Explanation/Notes: Phone systems can be set up with greater or lesser degrees of security for voice mail messages. The administrator should be aware of company security concerns, and work with security personnel to configure the phone system to protect Sensitive data. 3-8 Call trace feature Policy: Depending on limitations of the communications provider, the call trace feature will be enabled globally to allow employees to activate the trap-and-trace feature when the caller is suspected of being an attacker. Explanation/Notes: Employees must be trained on call trace usage and the appropriate circumstances when it should be used. A call trace should be initiated when the caller is clearly attempting to gain unauthorized access to corporate computer systems or requesting Sensitive information.
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The character of a sequence can be described by the amount of edges in the individual frames, SI, by the type and direction of movement, TI and colour features. Moreover, the video quality estimation can be signi cantly simpli ed by content recognition as an independent issue. An automatic content recognition module is able to distinguish between a discrete set of classes and can then be used in combination with an individual metric to estimate the subjective quality of all typical video contents.
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There is also a back-to-front variant, illustrated in the following fragment:
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Part II: Putting Your Lesson Together
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3.i) Activate PDP Context Request 3.ii) Create PDP - Authorization Token Context Request
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Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF)
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