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Part 2 Specific Arrhythmias
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Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF)
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Tilt of antenna (deg. down) CDMA TDMA/CDMA
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Common billing Common customer care 3GPP systembased access control 3GPP systembased access charging Access to 3GPP system PS-based services from WLAN Service continuity Seamless service continuity Access to 3GPP system CS-based services with seamless mobility
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Electrodeposited Cu Film Microporosity
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queues; a batch queue consists of a collection of zero or more jobs and a set of queue attributes. Jobs reside in the queue or are members of the queue. In spite of the name, jobs residing in a queue need not be ordered with FIFO. Access to a queue is limited to the server that owns the queue. All clients gain information about a queue or jobs within a queue through batch requests to the server. Two main queue types are de ned: routing and execution queues. When a job resides in an execution queue, it is a candidate for execution. A job being executed is still a member of the execution queue from which it is selected. When a job resides in a routing queue, it is a candidate for routing to a new destination. Each routing queue has a list of destinations to which jobs may be routed. The new destination may be a different queue within the same server or a queue under a different server. A job submitted to PBS can be batch or interactive de ne a list of required resources such as CPU, RAM, hostname, number of nodes or any of site-de ned resources de ne a priority de ne the time of execution send a mail to a user when execution starts, ends or aborts de ne dependencies (such as after, afterOk afterNotOk or before) be checkpointed (if the host OS has provision for it) be suspended and later resumed. Jobs can be directly submitted to a PBS cluster or via Globus, as shown in Figure 6.20.
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</operation> ... </binding> <binding name="PeriodicTableHttpGet" type="s0:PeriodicTableHttpGet"> ... </binding> ... <service name="PeriodicTable"> <port name="PeriodicTableSoap" binding="s0:PeriodicTableSoap"> <soap:address location="" /> </port> ... </service> </definitions>
One of the rst steps that a Grid user needs to undertake is to get the appropriate certi cate so that they can interact and use Gridbased resources. In the UK, the e-Science programme has set up a CA to support Grid projects and users. The UK e-Science CA provides a comprehensive service that ensures that users have all the help necessary to use certi cates. To get a UK e-Science certi cate, the rst action that a user must take is to go to the CA s support Web site (Figure 4.6) and read the associated documentation about how to proceed. For the purpose of a demonstration we will run through the Java-based Certi cate Request process. It should be noted there is also support for using a Web browser to create a request for a certi cate. Step 0: Read the appropriate documents. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click on Get the CA Root Certi cate this loads the CA Root Certi cate. Step 3: Go to (Figure 4.7). Step 4: Read the JCR documentation. As the Web page states, the following components must be installed and correctly con gured on the client system (the download locations are speci ed in the user documentation): Java Run Time Environment (JRE) 1.4.2; Sun s unrestricted policy les for JCE (see Table 4.2);
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