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Another area that often signals broad market moves is the gold or precious metals markets. Traditionally, traders seek safety in gold, silver, platinum, and valuable metals. Gold is an international currency and it is often bought when traders fear either inflation or unstable and dangerous market conditions caused by geopolitical crisis or some other manmade or natural disaster. Because emotion plays a huge role in determining market prices, if a large number of traders and investors are seeking safety in gold, it is an indication that confidence has been lost in other types of market investments and probably in the U.S. dollar. Therefore, if gold prices rise too sharply, stocks, currency, and bonds may all take a hit (see Figure 10.24). Most of the time, I do not constantly watch gold prices. However, if there is a major geopolitical threat or some other serious negative cloud looming over the markets, I check gold. I also correlate that price with the price of silver. If the two precious metals markets are in agreement, I know something is afoot. If they are rising sharply, I know that the broad-based stock markets will have a very difficult time moving up. Generally, in those cases I am a bear, and I ride prices lower. Depending on specific conditions, there may be times when other market sectors are very important to Wall Street. For example, if there were a nationwide drought, agricultural prices might become very important indi-
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6.5.5 Scheduling with heuristics
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The limiting factor of the Node B link performance and capacity is the received total interference Itotal . It consists of own cell interference Iown , other cell interference Iother , as well as other system interference Iother_system and thermal noise N : Itotal = Iown + Iother + Iother_system + N (10.10)
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