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Certain products require you to pass a particular critical mass before they will work. Imagine trying to sell e-mail or a fax machine to the first customer. The benefits are theoretically the same, but with whom could your customer communicate Lotus got around this when they released their Notes groupware product by selling a minimum of 200 licenses per company. This ensured that users had someone to talk to. It also ensured that only larger companies adopted it initially because only they could afford the initial cost ($62,000). The strategy also gave Lotus prestigious user names such as Price Waterhouse from the outset to use as references.
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Figure 12-8
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The source of resource information is generally expected to be the host on which a Grid service is executed. However, SD providers are not restricted in their operation and can connect to remote resources, such as Ganglia. SD providers must interact with remote resources using their native API and format resulting data according to naming schema requirements. This implies that SD providers are capable of monitoring cross-API resources, without the need to install MDS components on remote monitored resources.
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Wireless Reality
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Research I ve conducted enough research to be knowledgeable about the employer, particularly regarding the company s goals, challenges, and needs. Marketing Strategy I ve reviewed my assets, selected asset statements that best match the employer s need, and practiced speaking about them. Props I ve prepared my interviewing bag of tricks so that I have all the written materials and other items that I might need to market myself powerfully. Attire I ve selected appropriate clothing and accessories and have tried them on and checked them carefully in advance to make sure that they fit well, are clean, and are not in need of repair. Attitude I ve prepared mentally so that I ll go into the interview with a sense of power and confidence.
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Mind over Matter
Transforming tenses
Playing Mastermind
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