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2: Programming Techniques for J2ME 23
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If you want to get rid of customized folder icons, drag the folder onto your script icon and click Cancel. The script asks whether you want to exclude the icon information from your current DESKTOP.INI. If you agree, the icon returns back to the default. This script can only change true folders. On your desktop, there may be additional icons that look like folders but are something different. My Documents, for example, is just a COM object defined in the Desktop NameSpace Registry key. Windows 2000 introduces folder shortcuts, too. They look exactly like folders but are shortcuts. Right-click a folder and choose Properties to make sure it really is a folder.
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Many developers use tools such as Visual Assist to aid them and some of these development tools offer features such as TAB completion. In this example, the programmer may have been begun to type USERMAXSIZE, and the development tool offered the string USERMAXNAME. The developer hits the TAB key, assuming that this is the correct define, and unknowingly creates a serious vulnerability in the software package. A malicious user can supply more than 15 bytes for the username argument, and application data on the stack will be overwritten. In turn, that may be used to gain execution control of the application. How can the software developer audit a program for these vulnerabilities If the source-auditing application used has a built-in preprocessor or the source auditor is used on code that is already preprocessed, then the source-auditing technology may identify this flaw. A machine-code auditing application may identify this flaw by first recognizing the use of a potentially vulnerable function and then examining the size of the destination buffer as well as the allowed length supplied to the function. If the length is greater than the size of the destination buffer, then the machine-code auditing tool can report a potential vulnerability. What if the destination buffer was a block located in the heap Because items in the heap are only created during runtime, determining the size of the heap block becomes very difficult. Source/machine-code auditing suites may attempt to examine the application code for instances of the destination heap block being allocated, and then cross-reference that with potential execution flow. This method is the proposed solution by most source/machine-auditing solution developers. Unfortunately, the word proposed doesn t offer the same comfort as the word implemented. We can solve this problem by examining the heap block header, and when necessary, walk the block list for the pertinent block within the particular heap. Most compilers will also create their own heaps. If we want to audit applications built by specific compilers, we ll need to incorporate support to analyze their heaps into our tracing application. Notice the use of lstrcpynA in our sample. This function is not a standard C runtime function. It is implemented within a Microsoft system DLL and, besides its accepted arguments, it has a completely different signature than its distant cousin, strncpy. Every operating system creates its own versions of common C runtime functions that cater more closely to its needs. Source and machinecode auditing technologies are rarely, if ever, updated to look for these thirdparty functions. This problem cannot be directly solved with vulnerability
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including resource discovery, mapping of jobs to the appropriate resources, data and code staging and gathering results from multiple nodes. Figure 6.27 shows the main components in Nimrod/G. Nimrod/G client: This component acts as a user-interface for controlling and supervising the experiment under consideration. The user can vary parameters related to time and cost that in uence the decisions the scheduler takes while selecting resources. It also serves as a monitoring console and will list the status of all jobs, which a user can view and control.
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Figure 17.6 AAL5 structure.
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Functions for processes and process groups
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A centralized user management process and system provides the means to identify and assign authorizations in a standard and efficient manner.
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Table 7.3 CODE 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 The Dewey Decimal System: 500 Natural Sciences and Mathematics DESCRIPTION Natural sciences and mathematics Philosophy and theory Miscellany Dictionaries and encyclopedias Not assigned or no longer used Serial publications Organizations and management Education, research, related topics Natural history Historical, areas, persons treatment CODE 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 DESCRIPTION Earth sciences Geology, hydrology, meteorology Petrology Economic geology Earth sciences of Europe Earth sciences of Asia Earth sciences of Africa Earth sciences of North America Earth sciences of South America Earth sciences of other areas
As the developers seek to become familiar with the organization and its environment, two graphical diagrams can provide a framework. Figure 2.6 is the general systems model of an example called the rm, which contains all of the required components and ows of an organization functioning as a closed-loop, managed system. The developers can ensure that all process components and data ows are present and performing as intended. For example, does the rm have standards of performance that managers are to achieve Another example, does information ow directly to management from the physical system of the rm where the rm s operations are performed
Just how well your Web-based customer care efforts are helping the company depends on how you define your charter. What does your customer service department do What is its charter What specific services does it provide What tasks does it perform to deliver those services Here're a couple of quick examples (your mileage may vary): Example 1: What does your customer service department do
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