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was struggling with how to reconcile the views of Schr dinger, Heisenberg, and others, melding them into a cohesive theory that everyone would accept. Finally, as the wind rushed past and the valley drew closer, he found the Zen answer he was seeking: the principle of complementarity. Both the wave and particle pictures were correct, he realized, but whenever an experiment brought one of these views into focus, the other faded into static. He dashed back to Copenhagen, where Heisenberg was working as a researcher. Bohr excitedly told Heisenberg what he had discovered. Heisenberg, in turn, described to Bohr his own thoughts on the subject. While Bohr was away, Heisenberg had developed a notion, called the uncertainty principle, detailing how physical properties depend on observation. He proposed that many measurable features of particles, such as position and momentum, have paired relationships in which the more scientists know about one, the less they know about the other. Thus, complete knowledge of a particle s properties is impossible. Klein observed these discussions with great interest. Although he was still hopeful about explaining quantum dynamics by the use of his five-dimensional theory, he had come to recognize the value of other approaches. It was hard to argue with experimental success, and both Heisenberg s matrix mechanics and the Schr dinger equation were adept at reproducing atomic spectral lines. Moreover, as an avid disciple of Bohr, he could not help but be impressed by the Danish physicist s sweeping vision of nature. Witnessing Bohr and Heisenberg s debate about the merits of complimentarity versus uncertainty, Klein decided to act as a neutral broker. Through his diplomatic efforts, he helped convince them that both of their ideas were equally correct. After a number of long walks through the park to mull this over, Bohr and Heisenberg reached a pact. They agreed that the complementarity and uncertainty principles are two equivalent ways of understanding the same aspect of nature. Each addresses the symbiotic relationship between how an observer takes his readings and what he ends up observing. Soon, persuaded by Bohr, Heisenberg came to accept that Schr dinger s formulation and his own were equally valid. Through much cajoling, Bohr pressed Schr dinger into agreement as well, at least for the time being. Finally, in a grand theological reconciliation,
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15.2.4 Session Description
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Table 11-1
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printf( %.2f\n", AmountInSterling );
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Table 8.7 Propositional Logic Example PROPOSITIONS IN PROPOSITIONAL LOGIC p"q p John is a management employee.
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Servlet, bean and JSP examples
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DOM the Document Object Model
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#include <stdio.h> #include <windows.h> unsigned int GetAddress(char *lib, char *func);
N OT E In this snippet, both the <car> and <policecar> elements are assumed
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