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In Figures 4.9 and 4.10, we are using 10 days, and a 6-month time frame for the same stock. All these various time frames can be successfully traded. The volatility of the stock is in direct proportion to the timing the shorter the time frame, say one day, the more volatile the stock movements. Because trend lines have been around forever and are very simple to use, many traders do not spend a lot of time and energy on them. This was a mistake as far as Livermore was concerned because the trend lines can give the trader a clear picture of the momentum behind a stock up, down, or sideways, and they clearly de ne the channel within which a stock moves this makes it far easier for the trader to see when the stock breaks out and when it breaks down out of the channel.
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3GPP System UTRAN and GERAN CS Domain & PS Domain IMS
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Aging of passwords Password reuse history files and checking routines Strength requirements (use of numbers, mixed case, special characters, and so on) Password length requirements Password strength checking routines
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