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Mortgage Securitization in the Private Sector
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Twisted pair wire Medium that uses metallic-type conductors twisted together to provide a path for current flow. The wire is twisted in pairs to minimize the electromagnetic interference between one pair and another. TX Abbreviation for transmit. UA Channel User asynchronous data channel. One of the five logical channels defined for the Bluetooth system. The UA channel carries L2CAP transparent asynchronous user data. It is normally carried in the ACL link. UAP Upper address portion. A 8-bit section of the BD_ADDR. See also LAP and NAP. UART Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter. A device that converts parallel data into serial data for transmission, or converts serial data into parallel data for receiving data. UBER Undetected bit (sometimes block) error rate. The percent of errors that escape error correction or detection and pass into the system. UC UDP Abbreviation for user control. See User Datagram Protocol. User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol.
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First, Clear the Decks
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not to exceed 60 C, meaning that the same oven used for drying glassware cannot typically be used. This precaution is necessary because the thin glass may be distorted by heat. It can introduce curvature relative to the tube s long axis, causing the sample to wobble when spinning, break in the probe, or potentially damage the probe s radio frequency coil by contact. Tube distortion is also the major source of spinning side bands and increased shimming times. When a compound has hydrogens bound to O, S, or N, their chemical shift and line shape can be quite variable, depending on parameters such as solvent, temperature, concentration, and impurities. It can be very useful to know which signals in the 1H NMR spectrum correspond to those protons, and this can be determined by showing which signals are exchangeable that is, which can move from molecule to molecule according to the equilibrium in (eq. 33). In this example, hydrogens are switched between the blue and the red molecules, which leads to a phenomenon called exchange broadening. The theoretical treatment of exchange is left to sophisticated NMR spectroscopy texts, but it has a practical impact on the appearance of the spectrum. An obvious way to examine exchange would be to add a deuterated, exchangeable molecule such as D2O to the sample and observe the disappearance of the signal for the X H group as it is converted to the X D group (eq. 34). Typically the spectrum is acquired normally, the D2O is added, and the spectrum is acquired again for comparison. Because D2O is immiscible with most organic NMR solvents, vigorous shaking is required for mixing, and of course the heterogeneous mixture may affect magnetic eld homogeneity and therefore spectral resolution. Another approach is to add a drop of formic acid (miscible with organic solvents) to the sample following acquisition of the rst spectrum. Its protons are far down eld and therefore will not interfere with most signals in the spectrum. Its effect is to accelerate exchange (eq. 35), which should change the line shape of the exchangeable protons, and often shifts them down eld.
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Dynamic infrastructures for advanced crises reaction forces, especially robotized ones, with some examples shown in the previous section, can be based on a variety of principles. Let us take here into account the peculiarities of the physical distribution of the set of units in space (each having physical coordinates) as shown in Figure 7.8, where each unit box, for simplicity, is numbered rather than named, and also assumed containing the WAVE-WP interpreter. Let us consider the run time creation of a hierarchical infrastructure based on the neighborhood between units, where the top of the hierarchy should be assigned to a geographically most central unit, with subordinate units lying in a certain physical vicinity of their direct superior units. Such an infrastructure may have the most rational organization in dynamic situations, where higher levels of hierarchy are better protected from an unwanted outside in uence, with top unit being the safest one.
Prepare a schedule for each phase of the project. You will be unable to complete your project on time without planning and controlling the time budget. Even a small delay in one phase of a project can have a significant effect on the overall completion time. Many tasks in a project are interdependent. A small isolated delay might not be a problem. However, when activities are interdependent, a small delay might throw off the entire schedule. The schedule should be reasonable and realistic. Some projects are plagued by delays. If you have been unable to complete the initial phases on time, it is unlikely that you will complete the project on time. An effective project manager knows how to set up a realistic time budget and how to follow through on it. Time management skills are essential for a good project manager. When planning the initial schedule, budget a little slack. However, project deadlines are often imposed and you may have no choice but to work within the imposed guidelines. Sometimes a delay in one phase of the project simply has to be overcome in a later phase. As the project manager, you are responsible for staying on schedule and meeting the deadline. It does not matter what caused the delay. You are personally responsible for controlling the activities, monitoring progress, anticipating problems, and taking corrective actions before delays cause you to miss the final project deadline. Although your goal should be to meet the project deadline, it is unwise to let the quality of the project suffer. Your final results should be accurate and of high quality, even if it means that you need to request an extension. You should try, of course, to work faster, put in overtime, or modify
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