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whose work interests you or whose career paths you admire is a great source of people who might be willing to help.
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where D is called the dispersion coef cient. The group refractive index, the phase refractive index, and the dispersion coef cient for fused silica are shown plotted in Figure 1.22. Note that for a nonmagnetic medium, the phase index of refraction is the same as the square root of the relative permittivity r. From Figure 1.20, we can see that the group refractive index (the relative velocity of a pulse envelope) is constant for visible wavelengths above 1000 nm but depends on wavelength below 1000 nm (visible light is between 400 and 700 nm).
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Portraits of the Fourth Dimension
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We see that Equation 2.30 (like Equation 2.20) has a term e2j l that takes into account the fact that the 1,2 boundary is located at z = l. The square bracket in Equation 2.30 is of the form of a traditional re ection coef cient, 12, at the boundary between medium 1 and medium 2, except that 2 has been replaced by 2,W( l); that is, the re ection coef cient, 12, at the 1,2 boundary for a three medium transmission problem is effectively altered to eff by the multiple internal re ections inside medium 2, in which 2 is replaced by 2,W( l).
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The infamous and widely exploited vulnerability discovered by The Last Stage of Delirium (LSD) in RPC-DCOM interfaces was the result of an unchecked string copy loop when parsing server names out of UNC path names. Once again, when located in rpcss.dll, the memory copy loop is quite obviously a security risk.
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If you imagine speaking English with your students accent you can begin to estimate which phonemes (pronunciation segments) they find problematic. Take a copy of all the phonemes in English and highlight the ones your students struggle with. Then, whenever you introduce words which contain these sounds, make a point of drilling the pronunciation thoroughly. English has several sounds which don t correspond to Hindi ones. English /t/ seems to fall between a number of similar Hindi sounds but these are said with the tongue between the upper and lower teeth or much further back in the mouth. So students need to see where exactly in the mouth they can make this sound. You could have a diagram up so that you can point out the correct tongue position every time a word with /t/ crops up. Adopt a similar approach for word stress and intonation patterns. Anything which is markedly different from English should attract special attention from you.
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measuring the risks will be a necessary first step to this process. But before the process can be evaluated, there has to be a mandate and requirement in the form of management controls, corporate governance expectations, and organizational policy, which is directing that this process be performed and actively managed by the leadership and on down through the organization. Why is risk management such a big deal Why can we not just direct our practices along the lines of best practice processes and controls and call that good enough Are not our risks similar if not exactly like our competitors, therefore requiring standard control applications, making our control needs and solutions off-the-shelf items To answer these questions, you will need to come full circle back to the beginning of this book and revisit the discussion about risks. Risks are an inherent part of doing business as you should recall. They are a natural part of the business process and cannot be completely eliminated or there would be no business to be done. The relationship between risk and reward seeks a natural balance in the business world. Higher risks mean higher rewards but also imply higher chances at losses. The best way to maximize the returns of a business is to effectively manage the risks to the benefit of that business and its management team. What may be risky to others could be low risk to your target organization because of inside knowledge, trade secrets, unique expertise, unique contracts or agreements, and many other things that move the balance of risk in the favor of that organization. There are three basic ways to manage these risks, remain successful, and have above average returns on an ongoing basis. First, you may have a long-running streak of luck that shines on you to the extent that you can do no wrong no matter what happens to your business, which is statistically possible but a highly unlikely scenario. Second, you may have a monopoly situation that enables you an unfair advantage over the competition for an extended time period. This could be a patent, an exclusive contract to provide service, or a corner on the market for a hot commodity of some kind. In these cases, there are no competitors of any substance and you will be the target of the competition and define the benchmark for performance for which everyone else strives. There is little need to be concerned with good controls, prices, or quality of service unless some laws are enacted to force you to pay attention to these things. Governments tend to fall into this category, however, compliance oversight organizations have been put in place to ensure some level of standards are being met. Because no one is lucky enough to be in possession of the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs, the majority of the businesses you perform IS auditing for will fall into the third risk management category.
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