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Test computer running the AUT
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Defeating Length Limitations
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A useful tool in an EFL classroom is a stupid looking cuddly toy (I use a monkey myself), or if you just can t bring yourself to have one of those with you, try a bean bag. I have tried doing the following activity with a pen but found that one student complained on the grounds of health and safety. She said I could have someone s eye out! The icebreaker goes like this: 1. Arrange the chairs into a circle if possible. Students can sit or stand for this. 2. Introduce yourself according to the class level. For example, with absolute beginners you might just say your name and point to yourself or at advanced level you can explain your background in teaching and any interests you have. 3. Now throw the toy to someone else and ask them to introduce themselves. Sometimes a raised eyebrow and expectant look does the trick. 4. After the student speaks, indicate that they should throw the toy to someone else. 5. Keep going until everyone has introduced themselves, then retrieve the toy. 6. This time you throw the toy to someone else and you introduce that person. So, you say their name and whatever you remember about them. 7. Indicate to the student to throw the toy to someone else whose name they remember and keep going until you ve covered everyone. Encourage the rest of the class to help if someone gets stuck. 8. The activity ends when someone finally introduces you again.
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The separate use of upstream and downstream channels, as we have seen in Figure 13.2, offers the potential for a 2:1 better use of the spectrum. However, in addition, the fact that, even during a communication, the participants are neither `talking' nor `listening' for a good proportion of the time, leads to a possibility for further statistical multiplexing. This makes for very ef cient carriage of `bursty' data, as we explain next by means of an example.
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1 j,l = l1 ,
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9: The Center of Your Digital Home
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Month 4 Month 5 Month 6
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performance, 127f binary data mapping formats, 81f incident power, 154f integration interval, 177 template pulses, 154f timing misalignment, 97t Bit position modulation, 457f, 459 Bit rates Alt-PHY layer, 318 MB-OFDM system, 281t Blind (non-data aided) algorithm, 244 Blind timing offset estimation, 68 Block diagram of the transmitter PCTH system, 247f Bluetooth network formation, 300 Bluetooth PAN, 300 Bordercast TZRP, 409 ZRP, 406 BPF. See Bandpass lter (BPF) BPPM. See Binary pulse position modulation (BPPM) BPSK, 88, 89, 90, 92t, 94f, 95, 96, 97t CDMA system, 298 BQ. See Broadcast query (BQ) packet Broadband antenna systems system transmission ef ciency, 147f Broadband planar dipole system, 145 Broadcast query (BQ) packet ABR, 370f Broadercast resolution protocol (BRP) ZRP, 406 BRP. See Broadercast resolution protocol (BRP) BSR. See Backup source routing protocol (BSR) Caching and multipath routing (CHAMP), 376 reactive routing, 376 protocol comparisons, 422t, 424t Calculated delity single-band scheme, 147t Call for proposal (CFP), 294 CAP. See Contention Access Period (CAP) Carrier frequency offset (CFO), 123 Carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA), 301, 454 CC. See Central controller (CC) CCDF. See Complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) CDMA. See Code division multiple accessing (CDMA)
GTP-C Protocol
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