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Most traders hold stocks for the long term. There are several reasons they do this: They believe in the buy-and-hold strategy, or they have day jobs and cannot do a great deal of intraday buying and selling. Traders who buy stocks and hold them for a significant period of time need to keep an eye on them. It is unwise for any trader to put money at risk and then just walk away. Sometimes I swing trade stocks and hold them for weeks or even months. However, I always have stops in place and I monitor the situation. Under certain conditions I may hedge a stock position with an option. I never just buy and forget the purchase. The market is too dangerous for that approach. And, if equity prices on one of the major indexes like the S&P 500 or the Dow drops 10 percent during any eight week time period, I am probably going to exit the trade and exit the equity markets entirely at least with any long positions until prices start moving up again. I have no desire to go down with a market Titanic. When I trade stocks, I generally place my trades between 8:30 and 10:30 AM. I use the same general approach for selecting stocks that I explained in 7. That is, I want stocks with an average daily range of at least $1.00. I want good liquidity of at least two to three million shares a day. A high beta of at least 2.0 is important. I also want the stock to be performing well in both its sector and the overall economy. Then I get to know the stock and its personality. What are its unique traits Once I feel comfortable with a stock, I m ready for the trading to begin. When I am in the market, I put an initial protective stop below the previous day s low or above the previous day s high. As with all of my trades, I look for entry points at times when I anticipate a breakout move. If I have succeeded in my analysis, I exit a portion of my positions quickly with some small profits. In that way, even if there is a reversal in the move, I have made some money to cover any potential loss in my remaining positions. For example, if I purchase 3,000 shares (I like to trade in multiples of three), I will exit 1,000 of them with a profit of .25 or .50. Then I move my stop on my remaining positions to $1.00 below the trading price. When prices rise and I am able to exit another 1,000 shares with profit of .75 to $1.00 per share, I take the play. Now I adjust my stop on the remaining
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The following is the (slightly modified) specification for a CS1 program. The manager of a fast food outlet requires a program to help track sales. The outlet only serves burgers with fries; a burger meal costs $5.95. Customers may order any number of burger meals. The program is to help calculate prices of orders, and is also to keep records of total orders and the largest single order. The program is to use a simple menu-select style loop with the options:
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Cash flows are private documents. The information is sensitive. Never make copies. Never show them to anyone who does not need to know. When they must be presented, they should be presented well. Lay yours out so it is easy for any bank manager to understand.
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After you have evaluated the interview both on your own and with the help of objective third parties you re ready to send your follow-up letter. This letter should be more than a thankyou note; it is a letter that either clinches the deal or encourages the employer to have you back for more interviews. Most of your fellow candidates will send letters that do nothing more than express their appreciation for the interviewer s time and reinforce their interest in the position. To set yourself apart from the pack, you must do those two things but also use the letter as your chance to have the last word, to address any concerns the interviewer might have had with you and to further strengthen your case. Your letter should include the following sections, roughly in this order: 1. An expression of your thanks for the opportunity to interview. If the interviewer expended any extra effort on your part perhaps speaking to you at length, introducing you to others, or giving you a tour of the facility be sure to note your appreciation for that effort. 2. A very brief recap of your assets, focusing on those most relevant for the position or in which the interviewer expressed most interest. 3. A straightforward, nonapologetic counter-argument to any concerns the interviewer openly expressed about your qualifications. Don t raise any worries that don t already exist!
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The Common Pilot Channel (CPICH) is used as reference for handover, cell selection and cell reselection. It also shapes the effective cell size. When switched on, the mobile measures the received level of chip energy to interference plus noise density ratio Ec /I0 on the CPICH. While in the Radio Resource Control (RRC) Cell_DCH state (connected mode), the mobile measures and reports the level and quality of CPICH to the base station for handover procedures. Ec is the average energy per pseudo noise (PN) chip, and I0 denotes the total received power density, including signal and interference. This Ec /I0 ratio is given by Equation (14.1), Ec /I0 = RSCPCPICH /RSSI (14.1)
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Another much less common, but far more discussed incarnation of this vulnerability is when the application uses GCC function trampolines placed on the stack. Trampolines are small pieces of code that need to be created at runtime. Their sole mission is to be passed as arguments to called functions, presenting exactly the same weakness as the just presented example. They are very rarely used, so it s very unlikely you ll find them while coding an exploit. Stack data protections, when properly implemented, are quite effective and important, especially when, due to the presence of W^X, one of the few possibilities left are ret2code attacks. When a function is protected with a canary, it s not only protected from a buffer overflow, but it s also very difficult to use it in a chained ret2code attack, because the canary check would fail when the fake stack frame is used. From a security standpoint, it does make a difference whether every function is protected or only a few are.
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3: Kidnapping Objects
Complex Explanations
14.4 Email Traf c Model: An Extension to High-delay Networks
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