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Ultra Wideband Wireless Communication. Edited by Arslan, Chen, and Di Benedetto Copyright # 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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While United Airlines flies a single Web site, Delta Airlines has a handful of sites to manage. Says Rob Casas, general manager of Delta's e-Business Development: "Delta.com is the main part of our Web effort, but we have Mind Your Own Business Travel as well. And there are a couple of variations of delta.com, one for corporations and one for travel agencies." But, like the folks at United, Casas knows that keeping all those parts flying in close formation makes for smoother operations. Says he, "All these reside in the same server areas, so all of our content management systems and all the server logs and so forth, are all under the same infrastructure. So when we measure things, we're able to measure them across the board for all of these sites. "In terms of standardizing reports, some of the sites have different objectives, but the primary objectives like customer service or selling tickets online, that kind of thing, some of those are common across all those different sites. When we report on them, on whatever metrics we're looking at, whether it's cost per acquisition or clickthrough rates or conversion rates, all of those kinds of things are looked at through the same scope." The other benefit to standard metrics is intellectual cross-pollination. Steve Robinson is the director of Web Development and Technology in the Ecare group at Xerox. "Once you create the metrics," says Steve, "it starts providing you the information on questions you never even thought to ask. And there is this feedback loop that is saying, 'Wow, there is a bunch of new questions we should be asking now.'" While the power of return on investment in terms of money is enormous when convincing an executive to part with some, don't forget the other types of returns with which you can entice them. You can appeal to their hearts as well as their wallets.
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18. 19. 20. 21. int int int int shots; sleeptime = 35; score = 0; counter = 0;
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230 9: Project 4 : Peer-to-Peer Search Application
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Part IV
Part V: What Kind of Class Will I Have
Agency securitiesa Commercial paper Treasury securitiesb Repurchase agreementsc Certi cates of depositd Eurodollar depositse Total Taxable Instruments Total Tax-Exempt Instrumentsf
Your response to this rather morbid question tells the interviewer what you value, how you define success, and which accomplishments you are most proud of. It is also an indirect way of getting at your career goals. If you say that your obituary will mention a particular career that is not part of your current target career path, your reply might call into question your commitment to that current career direction. This question can also be a sneaky way of finding out about your personal life. For example, a nosy interviewer who suspects
The wealth of bifurcations and the abundance of complex dynamics that have been observed experimentally have been conveniently summarized in the Introduction to this chapter and are depicted in Figure 4.1. The characterized behavior at all feedback regimes was experimentally described for a number of different semiconductor laser types and under different experimental situations. Substantially the same behavior, the basic bifurcations and their dynamics were observed under multimode operation as well as when operated with frequency selected elements in the external cavity. Similar dynamical behavior was observed in DFB lasers in an external cavity operating on a single longitudinal mode as well as in Fabry Perot lasers under multimode operation. In the next few sections we will examine in detail not only specific external cavity arrangements, but will also focus on experimental situations between multimode or single-mode behavior.
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CDS would depend on the priority of the tranche in the payment ow and the projected default rate for the pool of mortgages supporting the tranche. For example, the annual premium might be $30,000 for a CDS on a $10 million senior tranche of senior notes (lower risk) and $600,000 for a $10 million junior tranche of preferred shares (higher risk) based on the same pool of mortgages.
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