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Import Address Table Offset Entry Point 0040604C 7C4EFA6D 00406050 7C4F4567 00406054 7C4FAE05 00406058 7C4FE2DC 0040605C 77FCC7D3
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where Td data transmission time; Ta acquisition time; TB beacon transmission time, depending on the number of connections in the superframe; TCAP contention access period and is constant; TSIFS SIFS time period and is constant; TGb guard time and is constant; n number of times signal acquisition is needed, depending on the scheduling scheme; and m number of CTAs allocated in the superframe. Each superframe has just one instance of TB and multiple instances of Ta , TSIFS and TGb , where the values of TSIFS and TGb are constant. Thus, larger values of Ta will result in lower per-frame utilization. For a 500 Mbps channel with Ta 5 ms and superframe of maximum size 65535 ms, there can be at most 1259 CTAs per superframe. Each CTA, for a 2032 byte packet, lasts for 32.9 ms. Based on these values and those described in Table 13.2, we expect the utilization to be about 61%, but if the acquisition time is increased to 25 ms, the number of CTAs per superframe drops to 905 and the utilization falls to 44%. For a 100 Mbps channel, it can be calculated that the utilization drops from 88% to 80% as the acquisition time is increased from 5 ms to 25 ms. Thus, the adverse effect of acquisition time is more prominent in higher data rate channels.
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two case studies are presented, one of the design of a full 802.11a WLAN radio and another of a calibrated transmitter for a WLAN application. Finally, a brief conclusion is presented. Upon completing the study of this book, the reader should have a strong high-level overview of the multitude of trade-offs that can be made in the design of radios for the various flavors of WLAN systems. The trade-offs made are a result of the complex interactions of the choice of radio architecture, the choice of process technology, the choice of the calibration algorithms utilized, and several other factors. I acknowledge my colleagues at Broadcom for their contributions to the many WLAN chips that have been discussed and referenced in this book, including the folks on the RF design team, RF layout team, systems design team, operations team, and central engineering team. I also thank Broadcom management for supporting and authorizing the publication of this book. In addition to the referenced published material in the book, some of the figures in this book are extracted from various presentations. I thank the authors of these presentations: Rohit Gaikwad, Antonio Montalvo, David Su, Jason Trachewsky, Tyson Tuttle, and Iason Vassiliou. I thank Klaas Bult for his review of the book. Finally, many thanks to the staff at IEEE Press and Wiley for their work on the manuscript. And, of course, my great gratitude goes back to my parents and brother for their lifelong love and support, and to my wife and children for their love and for putting up with me and my schedule while I worked on this book. ARYA BEHZAD
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Appendix B
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Listing 3.3 A single HTML root element.
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Bright Idea
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Based on XLANG and WSFL, BPEL4WS is both a block-structured and a graph-based work ow language for Web services composition. URL: http://www-128.ibm.com/ developerworks/library/ ws-bpel/ BPML is a meta-language for modelling business processes.
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Description of the action to be taken to resolve the issue The name of the person responsible for completing the action The target date for completion of the action
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2 in which the generator creates a digital pulse of voltage across the transmission line of Figure 3.16 for a time tg = 3 ns.
Monitor resolution and brightness
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