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where Q F p Sq ( f )v( f , L)vH ( f , L) df . If Sq ( f ) has a suf ciently simple analytic form over the passband, then Q can be calculated analytically; for example, when Sq ( f ) is constant over the passband. In other cases, Q can be computed numerically, even when we only know samples of Sq ( f ) rather than its functional form. As the design parameters in our approach are the lter coef cients, g k , it will be convenient to express the spectral mask constraint in Equation (5.5) as an explicit constraint on those coef cients. To do so, we de ne the scaled mask ! M( f ) & S( f )=Sq ( f ) if Sq ( f ) . 0, 1 if Sq ( f ) 0, S( f ) is equivalent to (5:13) (5:12)
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12.2 Mobility in UMTS
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Short, authentic listening texts work because they provide students with a clear example of real, live English and this is motivating for them because it s what they want to be able to do in the future. However, the activities are hard to prepare and present challenges of unnecessary words and sounds. I give more information on authentic listening texts such as CDs later in this chapter. Normally your students are confined to the classroom where only your voice provides a realistic listening situation. Being in front of your students is great because apart from the words you say, you give other non-verbal clues. The environment you re in offers a great deal of context and meaning to the language spoken there. After all, you don t expect to hear an order for fish and chips with a pint of beer in a fast food hamburger place. When you look at the menu in such a place, you realise that there are fairly limited possibilities as to what the speaker can say. In addition, the speaker s body language varies according to the needs of the situation. Most people use facial expressions such as smiles and frowns to match their words and in addition, it s normal to point at things you re referring to or to use emphatic gestures to stress certain words. Of course, a film can record the environment and the body language, which is very helpful but the communication is pretty one-sided. Your students can only respond to what s said on screen. So a film is a little more authentic than a tape recording (unless you re practising phone calls or radio broadcasts). If you re anything like me, the idea of using a video camera, TV and or projector seems quite labour intensive. To do so you probably need a transcript and exercise you ve designed yourself. Some schools just don t have the budget for that kind of hardware anyway. Another problem is that when you record people they get nervous and stop behaving naturally, which results in bad acting and stiffness. After all that preparation you lose the authentic air that you d hoped to capture. But if you just leave the camera running until the subjects forget it s there a sort of Big Brother approach you may also get a stream of word whiskers and pausing, which distracts the students. Word whiskers are the meaningless things you attach to sentences to fill the gaps when you don t know what to say. They include um and err as well as other annoying, repeated phrases. How much of this kind of dialogue do your students need to understand anyway Here s an example of how native speakers can really sound: So I told her yeah. I went . . . I told her right . . . um You re out of order! You know what I mean though. Cause like, she really is .
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dates of education can be obvious clues to your age. So, if your graduation date (or dates that you attended the school if no degree) would put you in a precarious position for age discrimination, you might prefer to leave the degree off. But, if the dates put you in your forties or younger, then you re better off including them, or it will look like you re hiding an older age. If you have a bachelor s degree plus an advanced degree or two, list the highest degree first followed by the lower degrees. If you have two degrees at the same level, such as two bachelor s or two master s, list them either in reverse-chronological order (most recent on top) or list the more relevant degree first. If you earned an associate s degree before going on to complete a bachelor s, you do not need to list the associate s unless there is some special reason you would want readers to know about it. Note that if your degree (of any level) is from another country other than the one where you are applying for jobs, you might need to put in parentheses after the degree a brief statement explaining the comparable degree in the country of your job search. If you did not earn a degree, you have the option of listing dates studied, or simply referring to the amount of time, such as Two years of undergraduate business studies, or Completed 40% of course work toward B.S. in Communication. For additional training, such as employer-sponsored seminars or courses you attended on your own, list the exact names and who offered the courses if you have only a few to list, or if numerous, simply summarize them, as in Attended more than 20 seminars and training programs on topics including communication, conflict resolution, time management, and supervisory
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This roughly means that no Father is his own Father (nonreflexive). If X is the Father_of Y, Y is not the Father_of X (antisymmetric), though of course if X is a Father and the Father_of Y, Y can be a Father. There will probably be additional properties inherited from the Person and Male classes, such as:
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The first thing to know about how you ask someone to network with you is not to say I want to network with you. If you were
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The Use of English paper in Cambridge exams is probably the most difficult to teach. Even if an exam doesn t contain a paper with this name, there is bound to a number of questions based on the same principles. The idea is for students to demonstrate whether they have good overall knowledge of the language and the familiarity to know what sounds correct. The best way to test this kind of knowledge initially is by using a cloze test. This means that you delete words from an appropriate reading text at regular intervals, perhaps every eighth word, and ask students to complete it. By doing this you take in all parts of speech and get an immediate impression of your students abilities. From this kind of assessment you may discover that your students have a particular area where they need more study idioms and prepositions often fall into this category but on the other hand you could opt for a more comprehensive training regime. This can include: Synonyms: Highlight synonyms (words that mean the same as other words) all the time. You can do this during reading lessons if you decide to dissect the text, and in addition, do a synonym brainstorming activity before a writing task so that the students are less likely to repeat themselves. As a stand alone activity you can set matching tasks for synonymous pairs or ask the class to find the odd one out which is not a synonym. Rephrasing: This is related to the use of synonyms and also syntax, or how words in a sentence fit together. As a teacher, your own definitions should include examples of rephrasing so that students become aware of alternative ways of expressing things. A typical rephrasing task is like this one:
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Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . Write a Marketing Plan . What s in a Name . . . Branding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 187 189 190 191
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</Person> <Person> <Name> <FirstName>Mary</FirstName> <MiddleInitial>J</MiddleInitial> <LastName>Drachmanik</LastName> </Name> <Address> <Street1>99 Bridge Street</Street1> <Street2>Eastington</Street2> <City>New Town</City> <State>MN</State> <Zip>33388</Zip> </Address> <CreditRating> <RiskRating>Medium</RiskRating> <CreditMaximum>3000</CreditMaximum> </CreditRating> </Person> <!-- Many other Person records could go here. --> </CreditRatings>
Theoretical Analysis
Are there any heap attacks not involving heap management structures and algorithms at all Sure there are, and they ll become more and more common with the rise of heap management protections.
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