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will assist any unauthorized persons from gaining access to company resources. The simple rule is to never disclose remote access procedures to anyone until positive verification of identity has been made. 6-2 Resetting passwords Policy: The password to a user account may be reset only at the request of the account holder. Explanation/Notes: The most common ploy used by social engineers is to have another person's account password reset or changed. The attacker poses as the employee using the pretext that their password was lost or forgotten. In an effort to reduce the success of this type of attack, an IT employee receiving a request for a password reset must call the employee back prior to taking any action; the call back must not be made to a phone number provided by the requester, but to a number obtained from the employee telephone directory. See Verification and Authorization Procedures for more about this procedure. 6-3 Changing access privileges Policy: All requests to increase a user's privileges or access rights must be approved in writing by the account holder's manager. When the change is made a confirmation must be sent to the requesting manager via intracompany mail. Furthermore, such requests must be verified as authentic in accordance with the Verification and Authorization Procedures. Explanation/Notes: Once a computer intruder has compromised a standard user account, the next step is to elevate his or her privileges so that the attacker has complete control over the compromised system. An attacker who has knowledge of the authorization process can spoof an authorized request when email, fax, or telephone are used to transmit it. For example, the attacker may phone technical support or the help desk and attempt to persuade a technician to grant additional access rights to the compromised account. 6-4 New account authorization Policy: A request to create a new account for an employee, contractor, or other authorized person must be made either in writing and signed by the employee's manager, or sent by digitally signed electronic mail. These requests must also be verified by sending a confirmation of the request through intracompany mail.
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Figure 16-9: Retrieve current video settings.
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Part II: Putting Your Lesson Together
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Also, it is important to note that the exception handler structure (-1, address) must be on the current thread s stack. If you have changed ESP you will have to fix the current thread s stack in the thread information block to reflect that. Additionally, you must deal with some nasty alignment issues as well. These factors combine to make this shellcode larger than we would like. A better strategy is to set the PEB lock to RtlEnterCriticleSection, as follows:
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<jsp:useBean id="beanManager" class="com.sun.ebank.web.BeanManager" scope="application"/> <jsp:useBean id="transferBean" class="com.sun.ebank.web.TransferBean" scope="request"/> <% ArrayList accounts =
[1] The Semantic Grid, http://www.semanticgrid.org. [2] Lee, T.B., Hendler, J. and Lassila, O. (2001). The Semantic Web. Scienti c American, 284(5): 34 43. [3] Gruber, T.R. (1993). A Translation Approach to Portable Ontology Speci cations. Knowledge Acquisition, 5(2): 199 220. Academic Press. [4] Kephart, J.O. and Chess, D.M. (2003). The Vision of Autonomic Computing. IEEE Computer, 36(1): 41 50. [5] W3C, http://www.w3.org/. [6] Cannataro, M. and Comito, C. (2003). A Data Mining Ontology for Grid Programming. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Semantics in Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing, Budapest, Hungary. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag.
Get accustomed to the free Visual Basic Control Creation Edition Develop your own script extensions using Windows API functions Open and close the CD-ROM tray by script Look at Windows API functions and DECLARE in-depth Examine functions stored in DLL files Develop your own dialog boxes Discover properties and design your own Create optional parameters and default values Change window style Make windows resizable Distribute self-made COM objects to others
The first component in the web site is simply the static HTML page:
Included on the CD-ROM is a testing engine that is powered by Boson Software. This program enables you to practice test taking while continuing to learn from the questions and answers provided from the book s examples. The format of the questions is designed to simulate those of the actual test so that you can become familiar with the approach before taking the actual exam. The goal of the testing engine is to make you comfortable with the queston-asking style and the way the answers have to be selected in order to be successful when sitting for the CISA certification exam. The questions that will be used in the testing engine are those presented in the book and cover all seven content area domains of the CISA exam. When installed and run, the test engine presents you with a multiplechoice, question-and-answer format. Each question deals directly with exam-related material. The categories or content areas can be selected and focused on if certain job content domains need to be emphasized. Right and wrong answers are recorded and tracked for analysis of strengths and weaknesses after each quiz. After you select what you believe to be the correct answer for each question, the test engine not only notes whether you are correct or not, but also provides information as to why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong, providing you with valuable information for further review. Thus, the test engine gives not only valuable simulated exam experience but useful tutorial direction as well.
XML (s 3 and 6). As this is the basis for all Semantic Web technologies, much emphasis will need to be placed on learning XML and its related technologies. If you are already using XML, you should focus on data typing (like in XML Schema), namespaces, and linking documents to more semantic data via RDDL (what we call creating a semantic chain ). Web Services ( 4). Web services are the key to interoperability and will be very important for your technical staff to learn. Web services wrap all the functions that manipulate your XML data in a language and platform-neutral manner. RDF, Taxonomies, and Ontologies (s 5, 7, and 8). As these are key technologies of the Semantic Web, it will be important for your technical staff to understand them. Only after your technical staff has a good understanding and grasp of these technologies can your organization leverage the killer apps of association mining and semantic searches. In a nutshell, think of using RDF as semantic glue to link your XML marked-up documents to your taxonomy (directory tree) and ontology (formal class model showing relationships). So, a document will be XML inside, RDF outside, filed in a branch of the taxonomy and related to classes in the ontology.
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