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In conjunction with the elements <xsd:extension>, <xsd:restriction>, <xsd:list>, and <xsd:union>, we can apply the facets that were discussed in s 5, Data Facets, and 6, More about Data Facets. Many of these facets will be shown in the examples in this chapter. The type from which a new type is derived is termed the base type, which is typically expressed as a base attribute in one of the elements just mentioned. In the case of the list type, the type from which the new type is derived is termed the item type. It is expressed as an itemType attribute of the <xsd:list> element. When we apply constraining facets in order to create a new datatype, we can restrict the allowed values in either the lexical space or the value space of a datatype. A floating point number can have a single expression of 50 in the value space of the datatype but can be expressed in several ways, such as 50 or 50.0 or 5.0e1 in the lexical space. Restriction of the value space can be done directly or indirectly. For example, the value attribute of the <xsd:pattern> element, which we discussed in 5, constrains the lexical space of a type and thereby indirectly controls the value space of the type. In the final section of the chapter, we will briefly look at the xsi:type attribute. First, let s look at deriving new types by extension.
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Your r sum should be printed on heavier paper than the flimsy paper typically used in photocopiers and printers. Anywhere in the range of 16- to 25-pound with a cotton fiber content of 25 percent or more is a good r sum paper weight. If you want to be extra fancy (and pay more), 32-pound paper with 100 percent cotton content is the way to go.
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Business Application Systems
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Resources Users Application Users Computer Operators Application Programmers System Programmers Librarian Function Key: Application Data Production Test
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Let s turn a boring modal window into an exciting modeless window your script can use to output status information (see Figure 17-5). I ve prepared a little COM object that does the trick. Load the complete project from the CD (\components\modeless\modeless. vbp). Or install the component for immediate action (\install\modeless\ setup.exe).
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As part of the EAPOL exchange, the temporary keys for encryption and integrity protection are derived. The encryption and integrity protection protocols work on the link layer. They are 802.11 speci c, and build on standard mechanisms. Normally, all of the packets are encrypted and integrity protected.
CompressIt can only work because the array was initially defined dynamically by ReDim. Trying to compress a static array will cause an error.
The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) [9] has been widely used in bioinformatics to compare a query sequences to a set of target sequences, with the intention of nding similar sequences in the target set. However, BLAST searches are computationally intensive. Bayer et al. [10] present a BLAST Grid service based on GT3 to speed up the search process, in which the BLAST service interacts with backend ScotGRID [11] computing resources. ScotGRID is a three-site (LHC Tier-2) centre consisting of an IBM 200 CPU Monte Carlo production facility run by the Glasgow Particle Physics Experimental (PPE) group [12] and an IBM 24 TByte data store and associated high-performance server run by EPCC [13]. A 100-CPU farm is based at Durham University Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (IPPP) [14]. Once deployed as a Grid service, the BLAST service can be accessed by a broad range of users.
Figure 10-2: The script remotely inserts text and tries to close the window.
Lines 1-16: Import statements, which will import the required classes to run this application. Line 17: Declaring DataParserclass. This class is an important class, as it is used to make the HTTP connection and XML parsing. Lines 19-32: The lines of code here declare different objects. Lines 35-43: Constructor declaration. The code here initializes Vector and Hashtable objects. Lines 46-61: The sourceurl() method is declared. This method takes a String value as a parameter, which is the address of the HTTP server. This method makes an HTTP connection with the specified URL and opens a stream from that connection to read data. This also initializes an XmlParser object. Lines 63-102: The read_category() method is declared. This method is called by the News MIDlet, and this method gets the news category from the database. 71-84: This will read the XML data and generate parser events. The if condition is true if the START_TAG event is generated. The tag name is compared, and if the tag name is category, foundnews is set to true. 85-94: This if condition is true if text is found while parsing. This will Throw a TEXT event, get the text, and store it in the Vector. Lines 104-183: The read_record() method is declared. This method is called by the Weather MIDlet, and this method gets the state name and the weather details. 109-113: A RecordStore object is created to add data to the device s database. 123-137: This will read the XML data and generate parser events. The if condition is true if the START_TAG event is generated. The tag name is compared, and if the tag name is weather, founditem is set to true; if the tag name is state, foundstate is also set to true. 138-151: This if condition is true if text is found while parsing. This will throw a TEXT event, get the text, and store it in a String variable with delimiter . 153-166: This if condition is true if an END_TAG event is generated. This will add the data in the device s database and store the state name and the record id in the Hashtable. 173-182: On the event of ENDDocument, the recordStore will be closed. Lines 186-199: The record_add() method is declared. This method will add a record to the database. This method is called by the read_record() method. Lines 202-213: The deleterecord() method is declared. This method will delete the record from the database. Lines 214-273: The read_news() method is declared. This method is called by the News MIDlet. This will read text related to tags such as news, heading, and heading_id. The data read is stored in Hashtable. Lines 274-309: The returndetails() method is declared. This method is called by the News MIDlet. This will read the description of the news when the tag description is found and stores the text in a String.
15-51.VBS set args = WScript.Arguments if args.Count=0 then MsgBox Please drag bmp files on my icon! WScript.Quit end if if not lcase(right(args(0),3))= bmp then
Most audit work involves some level of documentation review. Many times this requires reading through policies, procedures, standards, training materials, customer and sales information, reports to regulatory bodies, legal agreements, contracts, and so on, to determine whether the information is fair, accurate, and sufficient to be used for the purpose represented by management. At times when the documentation is rather lengthy, it is advisable to include only excerpts or the table of contents when evidencing these items into the work papers to keep the work papers manageable. When regulatory issues are involved, it is sometimes necessary to include the entire copy of the document and to footnote it with comments as it is reviewed. In all cases, conclusions in the work paper referencing the documentation review must conclude with the testing performed relevant to the audit objective at hand.
Simulation Results
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