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journal entries, having at least 13 periods open at one time, and the ability to make prior period adjustments or post entries to another year without closing the current year. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AND INVOICING The accounts receivable and invoicing functions are often combined in the same module. This module allows you to enter sales data and permits extensive sales analysis. It provides customer receivables management by tracking customers balances, generates invoices and/or monthly statements, as well as aging reports. It should allow for setting up credit limits for each customer, provide for flexible billing options, and provide for the ability to apply partial payments to specific invoices or to the oldest balance. For faster processing, online inquiry should show the complete customer record at a glance including balances and unpaid invoices, and allow you to make changes on the fly. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE AND PURCHASE ORDER PROCESSING Accounts payable and purchase order processing can be combined in a single module. The module tracks obligations to vendors and determines a best payments schedule, prints checks, and provides for the distribution to accounts. It should allow for enhanced management of order processing by tracking orders from the start to the receipt of goods. It should be able to detect supply problems and thus permit early planning for alternate sources. To analyze vendor performance, it must track the complete purchase and delivery history of vendors and allow for easy access to this information. INVENTORY This module automatically tracks inventory as purchases or sales are made and maintains cost and price data for each inventory item. In an integrated system, the Inventory main file, which stores the product s number, is checked when a sales invoice is created in the accounts receivable module. If sufficient inventory is on hand, the amount of the sale is reduced from the balance. Likewise, when inventory is purchased, the inventory quantity is automatically increased. The module should help improve inventory management by alerting the user when to reorder, identifying slow-moving items, and analyzing performance by item and category. PAYROLL The payroll module maintains default information for each employee (e.g., rate of pay and income tax withholding information). The module calculates the wages to be paid, prints checks, and keeps track of deductions, sick and vacation days, and other such information. It maintains information for government reporting (e.g., 941, W-2, unemployment, and state tax forms). For cost control, it should be able to provide for expense distribution or integrate with a costing module.
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Rate constant, 39 Rate law, 39, 40 Reaction concentration, 25 crude mixture, 121, 146 exothermic, 14, 25, 39, 90 heterogeneous, 23 intermolecular, 25, 40 intramolecular, 25, 40 Mitsunobu, 114 optimization, 121, 157, 159 photochemical, 86 scale, 4, 11, 23, 37, 78, 81, 84, 87, 131, 135, 156, 159 Wittig, 18, 114 Reagent concentration, 12, 39, 40 dispersions, 69 gases, 36 limiting, 70 solutions, 12
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Terminology discussed in 2: Bluetooth cdmaOne Cell Charging Code Division Multiple Access 2000 Data service Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution Evolved Packet System 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation General Packet Radio Service Handover High Speed Packet Access HSPA International Mobile Telecommunications at 2000 MHz International Telecommunication Union IP Multimedia Subsystem Location-based service Long Term Evolution Multimedia Message Service Multimedia service Personalized service Quality of Service Roaming Security Short Message Service Standardization Ultra Mobile Broadband Ultra Wideband
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Figure 5.56 Measured resonant frequency as a function of environment for traces with different
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Strategies for internal interviews
/2 (MHz) (b)
A EGM 0.2 mV/mm
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