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String $str1 will be built as a doubly quoted string, so it can interpolate data values. In this example we want the value of $num interpolated in the middle of a string. Here we need to use { } braces around the name part of the scalar reference so that Perl can determine that it is the variable $num and not some variable $numth. String $str2 is a single quoted string; it contains the literal sequence ... the ${num}th "Hello World" ... . In Perl, there is always another way; and another way of defining a string value for a scalar variable is as a here document (as in some versions of the Unix shell). An example is:
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chapter may choose to skip ahead to 2.
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Chip expenses incurred from revised forecast
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H sc = H 0 i l ( 2l + 1) {( i (l ) k2 ) [ hl(1)( k2r ) Xl+ ] i (l ) hl(1)( k2r ) Xl } , (6.133)
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10: Recovering Lost Data
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ne striking fact emerged from the scandals and crises of the early 2000s as the stock market unraveled. Many of the issues raised in the 1930s were rising again after years of dormancy. Had they not been settled years before After decades of SEC and NYSE rules and new laws, the old problems seemed to have resurfaced as if they had never been addressed to begin with. The original flaws in language found in the Securities Act of 1933 provided space for abuse, using the I forgot or the It wasn t me defense. When investors were misled through what was supposed to be full disclosure, who exactly was to blame Was it possible that no one in particular could be blamed because contemporary corporate organizations were too complex If so, was this a better argument for keeping regulations in place Clearly, the events of the late 1990s and early 2000s raised more questions than they answered. The swings in political ideology that caused Wall Street and the banks to be regulated and then deregulated decades later provide a good microcosm of American history in the twentieth century. In the 1930s, politics prevailed. Attacks against Wall Street bankers were made by Midwest firebrands for whom the East Coast establishment might well have been from a foreign country. Its manners, attitudes, and actions were not understood by those whose strong ethic could never quite appreciate making money by trading intangible assets. Real work meant producing
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If the order in which reagents are added has not been de ned for a reaction, it is crucial to consider this question carefully. Often a reagent is already present in the reaction mixture and another reagent is added to it because it might be dif cult to transfer, or simply
The Trials of a Preacher s Son
Part II
5.5.6 SCALEA-G
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