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Explanation/Notes: Head-hunters, private investigators, and identity thieves target private employee information such as employee numbers, social security numbers, birth dates, salary history, financial data including direct deposit information, and health-related benefit information. The social engineer may obtain this information so as to masquerade as the individual. In addition, disclosing the names of new hires may be extremely valuable to information thieves. New hires are likely to comply with any request by persons with seniority or in a position of authority, or anyone claiming to be from corporate security. 1 7-5 Background checks Policy: A background check should be required for all new hires, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, or interns prior to an offer of employment or establishing of a contractual relationship. Explanation/Notes: Because of cost considerations, the requirement for background checks may be limited to specific positions of trust. Note, however, that any person who is given physical access to corporate offices may be a potential threat. For example, cleaning crews have access to personnel offices, which gives them access to any computer systems located there. An attacker with physical access to a computer can install a hardware keystroke logger in less than a minute to capture passwords. Computer intruders will sometimes go to the effort of obtaining a job as a means of gaining access to a target company's computer systems and networks. An attacker can easily obtain the name of a company's cleaning contractor by calling the responsible employee at the target company, claiming to be from a janitorial company looking for their business, and then obtaining the name of the company that is currently providing such services. POLICIES FOR PHYSICAL SECURITY Though social engineers try to avoid showing up in person at a workplace they want to target, there are times when they will violate your space. These policies will help you to keep your physical premises secure from threat. 18-1 Identification for non employees Policy: Delivery people and other non employees who need to enter company premises on a regular basis must have a special badge or other
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We will consider examples of parallel and distributed programming in a group of four doers (named doer.1 to doer.4), using the same vector summation example. Distribution of Information Between Doers. First, we will distribute the vector N between the doers, where each vector element should be located in a separate doer, in the variables each named N too. Parallel distribution of the vector between the doers (de ned by the following program) may start from any doer, which may be some other doer or any one of the named four. The following program will do this distribution job:
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important to the operational processes (D) but not necessarily to the EOC this is commanding the recovery effort and not the IS operations. 18. When observing the testing of recovery in a dual-site, operational recovery plan configurations, what should an IS auditor expect to see A. Business continues as it normally would with no downtime or disruption B. Additional equipment being quickly turned on and added to the configuration at the surviving site to accommodate full processing with minimal disruption C. Two identical sets of processing equipment set up for hot fail over from one site to the other with no impact on the users D. A procedure that sheds some testing, reporting, and lesser essential functions allowing for the concentration of the surviving site on the critical business processing to be performed Answer: D The correct answer is D. A dual-site, contingency arrangement is one where a single (sufficiently large) operation splits its processing between two sites, spreading its critical processing across both sites so a single failure will not completely disrupt any one of them. The balance of the sites processing, the lesser critical systems, and spread across the sites provides for the shedding of noncritical operations in support of the critical one if necessary. 19. When reviewing the recovery testing reports to management, an IS auditor will be most concerned if the following is not part of the report: A. An assessment of the time it takes to recover compared to the management expectations for recovery and a gap analysis of the potential impact that any shortfall may have on management s risk or loss expectations B. A comprehensive list of all of the problems and the resultant assigned action items C. A description of the process used to test the recovery, depicting the assumptions made about the recovery situation that was being tested D. A list of planned goals or milestones with an analysis of the ones that were achieved and those that were not successfully tested
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1. Remarks by Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. on the U.S. Economy, Housing and Capital Markets before the Washington Post 200 Lunch. May 16, 2008. www.treas .gov/press/releases/hp981.htm. 2. Quoted in Joe Nocera and Edmund L. Andrews, Struggling to Keep Up as the Crisis Raced On. New York Times, October 23, 2008, p. A20. 3. Quoted in Brian Wing eld and Josh Zumbrun, The Paulson Plan, Bad News for the Bailout. Forbes.com, September 23, 2008. www.forbes.com/2008/09/23/bailout-paulsoncongress-biz-beltway-cx_jz_bw_0923bailout.html. 4. Legislative Proposal for Treasury Authority to Purchase Mortgage-Related Assets. Available through the web site of Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. http://crapo.senate
Figure 14.15 Scatter plot of the email service: service time versus service volume (log binning): (a) measured result; (b) simulated: with login; (c) simulated: no login; (d) simulated: with login, ADSL.
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