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The main problem with e-mail is that each query needs an individual response. If you happen to be dealing with sensitive personal issues such as finances or health, e-mails are ideal, even essential. However, if most of the problems raised are generic, e-mail is usually inefficient, although you can cut and paste prepared replies if you get repeat questions. If you install an e-mail channel, make sure your support replies really do give support. They need to be clear, comprehensive, and polite. The aim is to deal with each question completely in one reply, not incite a correspondence.
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deliberations over, 122 Ford, Gerald, 206 Ford, Henry, 18, 71, 86 Frank, Barney, 245, 246 Frankfurter, Felix, 82 Frew, Walter, 27 Fulbright, J. William, 165 Fulbright Committee investigations, 166 political nature, 169 view of market, 169 Funston, Keith, 172 Futures Trading Act (1921), 55 G Galbraith, John Kenneth, 198 Garn, Jake, 210, 212, 222 Garn-St Germain Act, 212, 228, 251, 252 S&L crisis and, 241 Gary, Judge Elbert, 42 General Electric, 187 Germany, 192 Giannini, A. P., 151, 157 Gilbert, Clinton, 66, 106 Gingrich, Newt, 255, 258 Glass, Carter, 36, 37, 61, 106 as architect of Federal Reserve Act, 77 as member of Senate Banking and Currency Committee, 76, 77 opposition to Eccles Act, 130 as Secretary of Treasury under Wilson, 77 Glass Banking Act, 102 Glass-Steagall Act, 2, 66, 92 94, 180, 210 advocacy for repeal under Clinton administration, 253 banking as defined by, 94 Citicorp attack, 243 248 compliance with, 132 criticism of, 104 demise, 269 272 deposit insurance provision, 93 effectiveness, 111 FDR response to, 94 J. P. Morgan & Co. s attack, 262 McFadden opposition to, 93 opposition to, 3, 199
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A special domain that has a role in the reverse mapping process when you have an IP address and want to know the appropriate machine name. SRI-NIC, and later ICANN, controlled the root servers and the name servers for these top-level domains. A commercial organization seeking to be on the Internet would apply for a domain name within the .com domain. If the application was successful, data on its
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Caution must be exercised in interpreting the results of any TLC visualization, especially regarding the proportions of compounds in a mixture. Compounds that stain darkly or as large spots with a particular stain may be minor components and compounds that stain lightly or not at all may be major components. Indeed the whole purpose of some stains is to visualize some compounds selectively, most often based on the reaction of speci c functional groups with reagents in the stain. The size of a spot on a TLC plate may have no direct relationship to the proportion of that component in the sample. The chemist may be seriously misled by attempting to integrate a TLC plate. When applying any visualization method to a TLC plate, it is a good idea to circle the observed spots with a pencil so that the exact position and size of the spots is preserved for following visualization steps. This information can aid in identifying compounds that are visualized by two different methods and help distinguish spots of compounds with close R fs but different staining properties. Circling the spots also deals with the common observation that spots fade over time. Depending on the particular stain used, compounds bearing different functional groups may or may not be distinguished based upon the spot colors. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to note the colors of spots of particular compounds so that when similar chemistry is performed on related compounds, correlations of spot colors with functional groups may be discerned. When following a reaction by TLC, it is generally assumed that any anionic or metalated intermediates in the reaction mixture will
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10 See Blackhat 01 presentation at newsham/wlan/WEP_password_ cracker.ppt. 11
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to authorize the change. She said, "That number is supposed to be restricted for outgoing calls only. There's no service order for a change." "Right, it's a mistake. We were supposed to process the order yesterday but the regular account rep that handles this customer went home sick and forgot to have someone else take care of the order for her. So now of course the customer is up in arms about it." After a momentary pause while the lady pondered this request, which would be out of the ordinary and against standard operating procedures, she said, "Okay." He could hear her typing, entering the change. And a few seconds later, it was done.
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The transmitter is based on a delay locked loop (DLL) and UWB monocycle pulse generator. The transmitter module contains a clock generator, a UWB pulse generator and a UWB antenna. The clock generator is composed of a 33 MHz quartz oscillator, a DLL and a digital edge combiner used as for clock multiplication to produce a 533 MHz timing signal that drives the pulse generation. The UWB pulse generator generates a monocycle of 350 ps typical width once every 1.87 ns.
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(The default is to generate C# code; here a Visual Basic client stub was explicitly requested.) Each of the public functions defined via the server WSDL document becomes a set of three methods in the generated class. Functions like GetAtoms() are normal synchronized functions; they block the calling thread until a response is received from the Web Service. SOAP systems also support an asynchronous call, return mechanism. A program could invoke the BeginGetAtoms() function which would dispatch the SOAP request packet and then return. The program could continue with other work until it needed the response, at which point it would call EndGetAtoms(); this call would block until the response was received. An instance of this PeriodicTable class could be created in any program that needed this service. When operations were invoked on the PeriodicTable object, it would get out
where Tf is the nominal interval between two pulses, Ns is the number of pulses per symbol, and d is the modulation index if the modulation is PPM. The pulse amplitude is represented by A and will be normalized to 1 for simpli cation. Th represents
Management logic can be implemented using Java code or through an expert system using appropriate management rules. The Registry stores the locations of Observers and Controllers, and describes the sensors and actuators they provide. The Manager uses the Registry to locate these remote components.
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