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Once the script file is on the remote host, you run debug.exe in the manner just specified, and bingo, you have your binary file. You can simply rename the initial file, for example, nc.foo, and then (once you ve uploaded it) rename it nc.exe. The only thing you must automate is the creation of the script file. Once again, this is easily done in perl, Python, or C. debug.exe is an exceptionally useful tool if you insist on using reverse shells in Windows. There are other ways of achieving a binary-upload on Windows for instance, it s possible to create a .com file consisting purely of printable characters that can be used to create an arbitrary binary file. You echo the .com file and then repeatedly call it to create the target file.
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Figure 8.19 The range of output powers, centre wavelengths and tuning ranges that commercially available Littrow and Littman Metcalf external cavity diode lasers can provide.
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These ratios are not necessarily useful in and of themselves. To give them relevance, the financial manager should calculate these same ratios for several different periods so that they can be compared and trends can be identified. They can also be compared to industry norms to see how the firm measures up. The numbers with which these ratios are calculated come from the balance sheet and income statement for a given period. Simple formulas are entered onto the spreadsheet, which accesses the two financial statements (assuming that they, too, are on the spreadsheet) to obtain the pertinent figures, perform the necessary computations, and come up with the appropriate ratios. If the financial statements of the period for which ratios are being prepared are not contained on the spreadsheet, the pertinent figures can be manually entered to the appropriate spreadsheet cells with relative ease. If ratios are desired for a number of past periods for which only hard copies of their financial statements exist, the financial manager enters the figures for a period in the aforementioned manner, has the spreadsheet calculate the results, then prints the results to obtain a hard
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This section is devoted to those software aspects that testers have found by repeated experience to be troublesome areas in an application under development that the more formal behavioral testing tends to miss. Here is a summary of these troublesome aspects. Error Handling
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Security Layer
It costs (fill-in-the-blank) times less to sell something to a current customer, than it does to go out and find a new one. Try and fill in that blank and you'll have a lot of fun coming up with a common figure. Here are a few samples from various companies: It costs three times more to acquire new clients than to introduce a new product to your existent. High Tech Marketing http://www.hitechmarketinginc.com/statistics.htm It costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Southern California of the International Customer Service Association http://www.icsasocal.com/membership.html The Coalition of Brand Equity estimates that it costs six times more money to win over a new client than to keep a current one. Adbusters http://www.adbusters.org/magazine/21/branding.html
and the agency monitors and releases data about our nation s petroleum inventories. The inventories consist of both domestic and imported products. Because petroleum prices, like prices for other goods and services, are determined by supply and demand, the markets respond to this report. The site for the EIA is www.eia.doe.gov. In addition to oil inventories, a wide array of other factors can alter fuel prices. In early June 2006, eight foreign workers on an oil rig off the coast of Nigeria were kidnapped. Tribal fighting in Nigeria has resulted in the disruption of oil supplies to importing nations, especially the United States. A loss of Nigerian fuel means a tightening in our supply line and a rise in prices. The kidnapping signaled continued and possibly increasing instability in the area and oil prices raced up light sweet crude increased by almost two dollars a barrel on the news. Foreigners abducted in Nigeria, oil prices soar in New York and Chicago. Every nation in the world needs energy and fuel; some need more of it than others. The United States is by far the world s largest consumer of petroleum, with China coming in second. The United States consumes approximately 25 percent of the world s oil production. Major oil-producing nations include Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, Iran, Mexico, China, Norway, and Canada. Nigeria is Africa s leading exporter of oil, and a lot of this supply finds its way to the United States and Western Europe. Therefore, problems in Nigeria directly affect our nation s supplies. The United Arab Emirates and Venezuela also produce a small percentage of the world s petroleum. (For specific data regarding oil exports, one may wish to visit the CIA Fact Book online at https://cia.gov/cia/publications/ factbook/index.) A cheap source of abundant energy is vital for both developed and developing economies. The wheels of industry must have fuel to turn them, and consumers need energy to heat their homes and power their automobiles. Because Americans use so much oil, as a nation we are extremely vulnerable to escalating oil prices. Consequently, from Wall Street to Main Street citizens panic when fuel prices increase. It seems like only yesterday when the price for a barrel of crude was a mere $50; then war in the Middle East and Hurricane Ivan altered the picture (see Figure 2.5). At the time of this writing, Iran, a significant supplier of crude, is threatening to retaliate against the West and increase prices if the United Nations imposes economic sanctions for its continuing uranium enrichment program. In Nigeria, tribal conflicts are causing disruptions as pipelines are blown up and supplies decreased. Obviously, as supplies are reduced, prices will rise. If investors and traders believe that fuel prices are draining too many consumer and industry dollars, equity prices will tumble.
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