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Part IV
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uncertainty principle were tenets from which Einstein would never waver, no matter how isolated he became from the mainstream physics community. As an iconoclast himself, Chaplin greatly respected Einstein s independent spirit. In an age of talkies, Chaplin was the only director with the patience and courage to continue to produce silent films. It took boundless energy to round up actors who were even
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For an in-depth look at the context menu system, see 16. The best way to get rid of context menu entries is to open the Registry Editor and manually surf to the key. Delete the subkey your script created in the shell subkey. In 15, you get all the methods necessary to enumerate and automatically delete Registry entries. Not all context menu commands are defined this way. There are other context menus derived from the ShellEx subkey. These commands are handlers that are tightly integrated into the shell. The context menu commands that an object displays most of the time are combinations. For example, drives combine the context menu commands defined in the keys drive and folder. Folders combine context menu commands defined in the keys directory and folder, so drives and folders share the context menu commands defined in folder. Regular files, in contrast, combine the commands defined in their own key with those defined in *. Whenever you hold down [Shift] while rightclicking a file, you also see the context menu commands defined in Unknown. Files not associated with any program always resort to the context menu commands defined in Unknown.
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Lines 41-46: Initializing the Button objects start and exit, placing them on the screen at the appropriate position and then painting (drawing) them. Lines 50-58: If the Start button is pressed, the current spotlet is unregistered and the method startReading is called. This method is responsible for calling the ASP from the server. When the ASP is read, an XMLParser is called, which will parse the XML data. A method, parseData(), is called by the XML parser to generate callbacks from the XML parsing. These Callbacks are stored in three variables declared earlier (ip_addresses, users_connected, and text_for_display). Lines 59-62: The code is used when the user presses the Exit button. When this button is pressed, the application is closed, and the control is returned to the operating system (OS). Lines 65-81: The code pertains to the method startReading. In this method, a request to the server is made using an ASP to get a list of users currently connected. This request is made using the class Connector of the CLDC c package. The server returns an XML file. The XML stream is then directly passed on to the parser, which parses the XML file. Lines 83-119: The code between these lines pertains to an important function, parseData. This is the function in which the XML parser sends the Callbacks. The callbacks are identified accordingly by using the functions (whether the element obtained is the start tag or end tag, etc.). 97: If the tag encountered is userinfo, the attributes of the tag are taken using the function getValue() and are added at their appropriate positions. 118: In the end, a vector (ip_addresses) is returned, which consists of the IP addresses of all the users currently connected. Lines 121-124: The user-defined function returnTextForDisplay is declared, which, as the name signifies, returns the text_for_display (text displayed in the ScrollTextBox) to the calling program. Lines 126-129: The user-defined function returnUsersConnected is declared, which, as the name signifies, returns the users connected to the server at a particular instant of time.
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Bonds are debt securities. They are loans to a governmental or corporate entity. Bond investors expect to receive the interest on their loan and a return of their principal when a bond matures or is paid. The federal government issues both short-term and long-term bonds and uses the borrowed money to finance the business of the government. As already noted, the two greatest risks of investing in the bond market are inflation and rising interest rates. If rates rise, new bonds carrying the higher rate are the most attractive, and old bonds carrying a smaller rate are less popular. Obviously, investors want to maximize their investments. If a bond is purchased at a rate of 3 percent and rates rise to 4 percent, if the holder of the 3 percent bond wants to sell it, he or she must sell it at a reduced or discounted price. Who wants to have an investment that pays 3 percent when there is an equally safe investment that pays 4 percent Inflation also eats away a bond s investment value. If you were to buy a 30-year bond, and after the purchase inflation soars, the interest earned on the investment would be eaten away by the increased cost of living. In real terms, the value of the bond would decrease and fewer investors would want to hold it. Better investment opportunities may exist elsewhere. Generally, there is an inverse relationship between bonds and equities. When bond prices rise significantly, equity prices tend to fall. In 1987, many traders considered high bond yields to be partly responsible for the October crash. Too much capital was flowing out of the equity markets and into the bond markets, and the result was disastrous. Due to the relationship between bonds and equities, bonds may be used as an inverse indicator while trading stocks. If bond prices are rising, that may mean that equity prices are falling or will soon fall. Inversely, if bond prices are falling, that may mean that equity prices are rising. As noted earlier, the markets are a tug-of-war of interests. (Bonds are not always an inverse indicator, but often they are.)
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Answers to Sample Exam Questions
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Config commands can be used to define the formats used for other SSI commands that do things like print times and dates. They don t result in any text being inserted into the enclosing HTML page.
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4. L. Yang and G. B. Giannakis, Space time coding for impulse radio, IEEE Conf. on Ultra Wideband Systems and Technologies, 2002. 5. L. Yang and G. B. Giannakis, Analog space time coding for multi-antenna ultrawideband transmissions, IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 507 517, March 2004. 6. A. Sibille and S. Bories, Spatial diversity for UWB communications, 5th European Personal Mobile Communications Conf., Glasgow, April 2003. 7. A. Sibille, MIMO diversity for ultra wide band communications, Technical Report COST 273 TD (03) 071, Barcelona, 2003. 8. M. Weisenhorn and W. Hirt, Performance of binary antipodal signaling over the indoor UWB MIMO channel, IEEE Int. Conf. on Communications, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 2872 2878, May 2003. 9. S. Tan, B. Kannan, and A. Nallanathan, Performance of UWB multiple access impulse radio systems in multipath environment with antenna array, GLOBECOM, December 2003. 10. J. M. Cramer, R. A. Scholtz, and M. Z. Win, On the analysis of UWB communication channels, IEEE Military Communications Conference, No. 1, October 1999, pp. 1191 1195. 11. Q. Spencer, B. Jeffs, M. Jensen, and A. Swindlehurst, Modeling the statistical time and angle of arrival characteristics of an indoor multipath channel, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 347 360, March 2000. 12. M. Hussain, Principles of space time array processing for ultrawide-band impulse radar and radio communications, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 51, no. 3, pp. 393 403, May 2002. 13. T. Sato, T.F. de Abreu, and R. Kohno, Beamforming array antenna for ultra wideband communications, IWUWB2003, Oulu, June 2003. 14. H. Wang and M. Kaveh, Coherent signal-subspace processing for the detection and estimation of angles of arrival of multiple wide-band sources, IEEE Transactions on Acoustic, Speech, and Signal Processing, vol. ASSP-33, no. 4, pp. 823 831, August 1985. 15. M. Ghavami and R. Kohno, Direction nding of broadband signals for frequencyselective fading channels, IEEE VTC, 1999. 16. M. Ghavami and R. Kohno, Bearing estimation with uniform resolution in broadband environments, IEEE IZS, 2000b. 17. L. C. Godara, Smart antennas, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2004. 18. M. Ghavami and R. Kohno, Recursive fan lters for a broad-band partially adaptive antenna, IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 48, no. 2, February 2000a. 19. M. Ghavami, An adaptive wideband array using a single real multiplier for each antenna element, IEEE PIMRC, 2002a. 20. M. Ghavami, Wideband smart antenna theory using rectangular array structures, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 50, no. 9, September 2002b. 21. T. Do-Hong and P. Russer, Frequency-invariant beam-pattern and spatial interpolation for wideband beamforming in smart antenna systems, Proceedings of 2nd VDE World Microtechnologies Congress (MICRO.tec 2003), October 2003a, pp. 626 631. 22. T. Do-Hong and P. Russer, A new design method for digital beamforming using spatial interpolation, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol. 2,no. 1, pp. 177 181, 2006.
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with the use of basic features of MIDP. Of course, you should have JDK1.3 installed on your system if you want to compile the source code. The tool to be used for running applications is the simulator provided in the form an executable named midp.exe. If you just go to the directory containing this tool and type midp at the command prompt, the simulator will start, although it will not run any application. For that, you have to give it the location of the libraries you click the Open Project button and select the application you want to run. The sample applications are in the form a JAR archive. If you are using Windows 95/98/2000, you can make a run.bat file, as given in the following code, to run these applications. Doing this will open a menu showing the list of applications. Note that is the archive in which boards for various levels of the Sokoban game have been stored.
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Just the facts
The Trouble with DexCo
region, forming a temporary node set up by absolute coordinates.
3.3.1 External Cavity Modes
downlink burst #2 downlink relay zone
Be considerate. Be kind, courteous, and polite in every one of your networking endeavors, and always be mindful of other people s time constraints and other limitations. It s a surprisingly small world out there, so if you re having a bad day or are just fed up with networking and really don t feel like being nice, think twice before acting in any way you will regret. Think creatively. No matter how skimpy your contact database, how remote your hometown, or how shy you are, there is always a way to get to the people you need to reach to network effectively. Use the tips offered in the Expanding and Identifying Your Network section of this chapter to see how you might get creative. Show integrity and reliability. Show up when you say you ll show up, leave when you ve taken up enough of their time, follow through on your promises, don t bad-mouth anybody or anything, and never, ever lie. Make it easy for people to help you. Networking is like connecting the dots. You meet with Jim, who refers you to Millie, who refers you to Mary, and so on. You aren t a job seeker with a network, you re the manager of a sales force. Jim, Millie, and Mary are your sales team. Be specific when you tell people what you need and what you have to offer (relying heavily on your self-marketing sound bite as described
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a Insured threshold for deposits is $100,000. Beginning June 2006, excludes retirement acounts for Call Reporters. Beginning September 2006, excludes retirement accounts for Insured U.S. branches of foreign banks (IBA). Beginning December 2006, excludes retirement accounts for TFR Reporters. b Insured threshold for retirement account deposits is $250,000. Beginning in June 2006, includes retirement accounts for Call Reporters. Beginning September 2006, includes retirement accounts for Insured U.S. branches of foreign banks (IBA). Beginning December 2006, includes retirement accounts for TFR Reporters.
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