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Introduction to Solaris Exploitation
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Swing Trading Strategies across Time Zones
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market funds, the chances of any well-managed fund breaking the buck would be quite low though not zero. Investors should be able to take the low risk in return for higher return in a money market fund as long as they are provided with prominent and understandable warnings that they will not be insured or protected if the fund breaks the buck. In addition, to deal with short-term liquidity problems, money market funds should (for an appropriate fee) be allowed to make short-term exchanges of their highest quality commercial paper for U.S. Treasuries at the Fed, as was allowed during late 2008 and early 2009. Finally, during the rst few months of the nancial crisis, the SEC permitted money market funds to apply shadow pricing to any portfolio security within 60 days or less of maturity by using its amortized cost rather than available market quotations.63 The amortized cost of a debt security is its original purchase price, plus or minus a prorated charge applied daily until the debt security reached its face value at maturity.64 Unfortunately, this permission expired on January 12, 2009. Although I generally support mark-to-market accounting for nancial instruments, I believe that such shadow pricing should be allowed on a permanent basis for money market funds, as well as for other nancial institutions, for a high-quality debt security with 30 days or fewer left to maturity, subject to certain conditions.65 It makes little sense for a fund to search out market quotations for pricing debt securities that will most likely be paid back by the corporate issuer in such a short time period.
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ow can you talk to Windows Scripts are your messengers, carrying commands directly to the CPU. So all you need is a language in which to wrap your wishes. Luckily, there is a script language that is very similar to plain English. In contrast to many common programming languages, VBScript is both easy to learn and powerful. It doesn t emphasize strange symbols or hard-toremember structures. Instead, it s friendly, fault-tolerant, and fun to use. The Scripting Host is not tied to VBScript. If you feel more comfortable using JavaScript, then you can use this language too. In fact, the Scripting Host can easily be extended by third-party developers to support other languages like REXX or PerlScript, among others. Throughout this book, however, I concentrate on VBScript, both because it s gained the most benefits during
For authentication, 802.11i builds on a standard valid for IEEE 802 networks in general, 802.1x [IEEE 802.1x]. Figure 13.7 illustrates the underlying security architecture. A Mobile Station, here called Supplicant, has communicated with an Access Point. It now requests authentication from this Access Point, which for this exchange assumes the role of the Authenticator. This component of the architecture is called front end. The Authenticator in turn communicates with an Authentication Server where authentication and authorization information is stored. The Authentication Server component is called the back end. We may recognize the similarity of this architecture to UMTS, where the equivalent to the Authenticator SGSN or P-CSCF are located in the Core Network rather than in the RAN, and where the Authentication Server corresponds to the HLR/HSS. In small networks, the Authenticator has available locally all information necessary for authentication and authorization, including the secret key, and thus the Authenticator and Authentication Server coincide. In larger networks, the Authentication Server is a separate entity where sensitive information is stored centrally. The cornerstone for security in a WLAN can be a password, a certi ed public key, a secret key stored on a (U)SIM, etc. the WLAN standard is open in this respect. Based on this cornerstone, Supplicant and network mutually authenticate and derive temporary session keys. This exibility in the Authentication Method is realized by employing the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) [RFC 3748], which also allows for negotiation as to which so-called EAP Authentication Method should be used. An example of an EAP Authentication Method is EAP-TLS, a method based on a public key. EAP-AKA also exists, which allows for authentication based on secret keys and the AKA method used in UMTS. We will see how EAP-AKA is used when studying how a UE can access UMTS via a WLAN in 18. EAP cannot run directly on top of the link or network layer. 802.1x thus decrees that on the front end, EAP be adapted to the link layer by encapsulating it into EAP over LANs (EAPOL).
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