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if condition=true then do stuff elseif othercondition=true then do something else elseif yetanothercondition=true then do something different else should no condition be met, do this end if
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six dimensions and contains 11 390 625 discrete points. The objective function is the sum of the total cell transmit powers. Its shape is the same as the shape of the load based objective function with equal base station maximum total transmit powers. For each scenario, 1 and 25 Monte-Carlo (MC) snapshots are simulated. Number and values of the objective function minima. For each scenario, all local minima were found. The number of local minima that differ no more than 10 % and 1 % from the global minimum value has also been determined. These results are summarised in Table 14.2. There are 214, 649 and 215 local minima for the single snapshot case and 10, 104 and 23 local minima for 25 averaged snapshots for Scenarios 1, 2 and 3 respectively. It can be observed that increasing the number of Monte-Carlo snapshots acts as a low pass filter for the objective function providing significant reduction of the number of minima. This shows that the objective function becomes smoother when
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Overview: properties and methods
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such intervention is justi ed in certain cases, federal guarantees of debt offering are too extensive. To avoid moral hazard, the FDIC should guarantee 90 percent, rather than 100 percent, of debt offerings by banks and thrifts. Further, Congress should not extend beyond 2013 the higher limits on FDIC deposit insurance. The previous limits covered 98 percent of all depositors. The United States should move away from a nancial sector with broad-based government guarantees to one with market discipline exerted by sophisticated and at-risk investors in bank debt. The federal government should not be encouraging mergers among large institutions in the nancial sector, which is now dominated by a handful of mega banks. The Justice Department should reject mergers that are likely to create more mega banks that are too big to fail. However, we should not attempt to increase competition in the nancial sector by reinstating the barriers of the Glass Steagall Act to the securities activities of banks. Freestanding investment banks present systemic risks because they have limited sources of short-term liquidity: commercial paper and repurchase agreements. Banks with securities powers can also obtain short-term nancing through Fed loans and retail deposits. Given the decline in investor discipline and market competition, the monitoring of nancial institutions has been left mainly to federal regulators. But there are limits to the effectiveness of any federal regulator in light of the fast pace of nancial innovation and complexity of nancial transactions. On a regular basis, the outside directors of a mega bank should be responsible for monitoring its activities. However, most outside directors of mega banks are not nancial experts, do not spend enough time on board matters, and do not have a large equity stake in these institutions. If the United States wants effective board oversight of complex nancial institutions, we should move to the private equity model for their boards. Under that model, a small group of super-directors with extensive nancial expertise would spend several days every month at the bank; they would also have substantial holdings of the bank s stock. A board of super-directors would be well-placed to monitor the nancial condition of a mega bank and set the compensation of its senior executives in order to attain its dual goals of maximizing long-term pro ts for its shareholders without taking risks that would materially jeopardize the bank s solvency. Thus, super-directors are critical to xing the U.S. nancial system and moving it to accountable capitalism.
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Notice that upon ending the block, the 4 gets inserted as the size of the block.
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On a subjective level, the accounting organization needs to have a true understanding of the strategic and operational needs of the actual business in order to play a role in ensuring agile compliance. The relevance of this point emerges when one speaks with IT people and line-of-business managers who may feel the necessity to skirt internal control policies set down by accountants who don t get what s going on. An example of this problem is segregation of duties. An accountant may establish an internal control based on segregation of duties but not examine exactly who is supposed to perform the segregated duties. Or, the accountant may simply be unaware that the structure of the organization has changed, or someone has been laid off, and so on, thus removing the person who can provide the internal control of duty segregation because the accountant lacks proper visibility into the operations. Bruce McCuaig, a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) writing in Internal Auditor Magazine in 2005, comments with experienced insight on the issue of segregation of duties. There is not a shred of definitive proof in the audit literature that segregation of duties is generally effective or worth its often significant cost. In fact, the preponderance of evidence indicates that segregation of duties is the most overrated and often least cost-effective control design option available. The real problem is lack of risk assessment, lack of a control environment that places emphasis on ethical standards and competence, and lack of monitoring when conflicting duties exist. To bolster this assertion, McCuaig gives an example that could come right out DexCo s situation. In an operating environment, a foreman may requisition the purchase of materials. They are purchased from an approved supplier by a purchasing agent. The result is often chaos purchasing orders from the lowest bidder, the foreman does not get the material specified, or gets it late. What happens really The foreman picks up the phone and orders the material directly from the supplier [in violation of internal controls that specify segregation of duties in purchasing] and purchasing prepares the paperwork after the fact. Time and again, honest, well-meaning employees, in the pursuit of legitimate business objectives, find themselves hopelessly encumbered by these controls while trying to do their jobs. Thus, they simply bypass or subvert and violate them. (Internal Auditor, April, 2005.) In the case of Reggie Marchaldon, DexCo s internal controls clearly stated that the division General Manager was prohibited from rewriting purchase orders to suppliers once they had been entered into the system. In addition, the internal controls stated that shipments had to be validated by an individual separate from the one who originated the order. What happened in reality Over time, Marchaldon was able to fire or shift the personnel who were responsible for enforcing these separations of responsibility. He replaced them with people he could control, or who simply didn t know any better. The boss asked them to rewrite a PO and they did it. DexCo s manual of internal
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