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This tag set includes tags for creating buttons, checkboxes, textareas and other components of forms. Each action tag takes a host of both required and optional arguments. In the typical case, you would not want to use the HTML tags because they make the directives for content layout more programmatic and less amenable to the visual editors that will be favored by your web designer. However, these tags might be useful if you have
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N OT E It is possible to define list types based on the xsd:string type. The
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When a subscriber wants to use an IMS service, the UE performs SIP signalling with the CSCFs for service invocation and control (cf. 15, Section 15.3). This SIP signalling includes the QoS necessary for the service as a precondition. The actual delivery of the service is then via the IP-CAN, e.g. the PS Domain. The UE therefore needs to set up a bearer, e.g. a PDP Context, with QoS suitable for the desired service. In other words, the UE performs two independent signalling procedures. From an operator s perspective, this independence is a problem: the UE could signal a particular QoS via SIP in the IMS, and then signal a different QoS for the bearer in the IP-CAN. How would this be accounted for in charging Clearly, the operator needs better control. A link was therefore introduced between P-CSCF and GGSN which allows one to ensure that the QoS signalling performed by the UE in IMS and PS Domain is consistent for other IP-CANs such a link was introduced later, starting with Rel 7. The link between IMS and PS Domain consists of the GGSN querying a policy decision an authorization from a Policy Decision Function (PDF) in the IMS whenever it receives a request for PDP Context setup that is related to an IMS service. Only when the PDF gives its ok, does the GGSN allow the PDP Context establishment to continue. We recognize the policy architecture: the GGSN is a PEP, querying policy decisions from the PDF which is a PDP (Policy Decision Point). Actually, it was debated whether to name the PDF in an IETFconformant way, but the idea was discarded because the acronym PDP already has another meaning in the 3GPP world. On what basis does the PDF make its decisions It learns which is the QoS signalled via SIP (the SIP QoS ) from the P-CSCF and this QoS is what it authorizes. The GGSN compares the authorized QoS to the QoS signalled with the PDP Context setup (the bearer QoS ) and only allows the PDP Context setup to continue if the two are aligned. The corresponding architecture is shown in Figure 17.4. Now imagine that the PDF receiving numerous data sets from the P-CSCF on SIP QoS arriving in SIP messages. At the same time, the PDF receives numerous queries from the GGSN for authorizing bearer QoS requests from a variety of UEs. How does the PDF know which
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The method returns true if the window can be closed. You can even specify a timeout and leave the window some time to display its Save As dialog box. The next script closes down the same window and waits for a maximum of 10 seconds. If the window isn t closed within this time frame, the method returns false. Your script can then use KillProgram to kill the program forcefully.
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2. We walk the linked list, comparing the PID stored in each EPROCESS block to those of our source and destination processes. We save a pointer to both our source and destination EPROCESS. 3. If we have located both PIDs, we copy over the Token pointer from the source EPROCESS to the destination and return success. 4. If we have finished walking the list (that is, we are back at our original EPROCESS), we return failure. Take a look at this payload for Windows XP SP2; we have implemented it as a C function with inline assembler:
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Fit Data
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to the closest element of the signal constellation in use. This process is also referred to as slicing. 1.4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of OFDM Systems One of the attractive features offered by OFDM is that it provides relatively simple one-tap frequency-domain equalization over the complex time-domain equalization used in conventional single-carrier systems. Furthermore, since OFDM has decoupled the frequency-selective fading channel into a parallel set of at fading channels over the subcarriers, a more fascinating advantage of OFDM is that it allows power and bit loading over the subcarriers, and by doing so, for a given power budget the channel capacity can be maximized. OFDM suffers from some drawbacks, however. For example, timing synchronization error results in the IBI. Carrier frequency offset destroys the orthogonality among the subcarriers and introduces intercarrier interference (ICI). The presence of IBI and/or ICI degrade the system s performance dramatically [7, Chap. 2]. Another shortcoming of OFDM is its high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). When OFDM signal with high PAPR passes through a nonlinear device, high peak signals may be clipped. The distortions caused by this clipping will affect the orthogonality of subcarriers.
0x0a: 0x0b: 0x0c: 0x0d: 0x1b: printf( %03d %02x \n , c, c ); break; default: printf( %03d %02x %c\n , c, c, c ); break; } } return 1; }
Evaluating the Design and Implementation of Risk Controls
Security Considerations
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