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pressed, 19) * the class name(2nd argument) is registered and its events are taken 20) * into consideration... 21)*/ 22) 23) (new 25)HelpDisplay(helpText,"HelpDisplay_Spotlet", 24) NO_EVENT_OPTIONS)).register(NO_EVENT_OPTIONS); 25) } 26) 27) public HelpDisplay_Spotlet(){ 28) Graphics gr = Graphics.getGraphics(); 29) gr.clearScreen(); 30) gr.drawString("Main Class after the Help display..", 15,35); 31) } 32)}
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GetASetting doesn t return the array. Instead, it converts the array members to strings and returns one string, using vbCr as delimiter. You can output the result directly, or you can re-convert the result into an array using Split. The example shows both alternatives.
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2 Let F be the naturally induced random variable of F. Then d(F 0 ,F) = E[ F ]1/2 . 0 If F is the distribution of a random variable X , then by Lemma 1, d(F ,F) = E[X 2 ]1/2 . In practice, we may not know the distribution functions F and F D , but two sets of data. As such, we need a method to calculate robustness from the data. First, we assume that we know that F and Y ( D) appears as a set y1 , y2 , . . . , yn . In this case, n by Lemma 6.1, we use 1/n i=1 yi2 to estimate d(F 0 ,F). Furthermore, the empirical distribution of Y ( D) is given by
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Many software professions require very sophisticated technical skills. These professions include software developers, database developers, network developers, and systems administrators. The authors contend that the best software testers must have advanced skills drawn from all of these software professions. No other software
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The water- lling solution states that in the parallel transmission on M SISO channels, we assign higher transmission power to strong SISO channels and lower transmission power to weak SISO channels and even assign zero power to SISO channels that are extremely weak.
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Figure 11.3: GE doesn't derive any value by having you bounce around their site without focus. If you bounce from Healthcare Financial Services to Specialty Chemicals to Mortgage Insurance Products and Services to Aviation Training to National Trailer Storage, the time you spend is wasted. But if you drill down to read up on the maintenance features of a military F404 engine (see Figure 11.4), chances are pretty good that you're getting value from the visit and that GE will as well.
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Windows Home Server limits the users that can remotely access files and computers. You have to give specific permission to each user that will want this access, and that user will have to use a strong password. For a password to be considered strong, it must contain at least three of the four categories of characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols like punctuation characters. You can configure your server to allow weak passwords (any password allowed), medium-strength passwords (at least five characters), or strong passwords for regular user accounts, but if you wish to use an account for remote access, it must have a strong password, regardless of the password policy in place on the server.
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