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Work breakdown structure (WBS) Diagram of how a team will accomplish the project at hand by listing all tasks the team will need to perform and the products they must deliver. Work function (factor) The difficulty in recovering the plaintext from the ciphertext as measured by cost and/or time. The security of the system is directly proportional to the value of the work function. The work function need only be large enough to suffice for the intended application. If the message to be protected loses its value after a short period of time, the work function need only be large enough to ensure that the decryption would be highly infeasible in that period of time. WPAN In Bluetooth, wireless personal area network.
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cannot do without taxonomies, since it is in our nature as human beings to classify. That is what a taxonomy is: a way of classifying or categorizing a set of things specifically, a classification in the form of a hierarchy. A hierarchy is simply a treelike structure. Like a tree, it has a root and branches. Each branching point is called a node. If you look up the definition of taxonomy in the dictionary, the definition will read something like the following (from Merriam-Webster OnLine: http:// The study of the general principles of scientific classification: SYSTEMATICS CLASSIFICATION; especially: orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships So, the two key ideas for a taxonomy are that it is a classification and it is a tree. But now let s be a bit more precise as to the information technology notion of a taxonomy. The rapid evolution of information technology has spawned terminology that s rooted in the dictionary definitions but defined slightly differently. The concepts behind the terminology (and that thus constitute the definitions) are slightly different, because these concepts describe engineering products and are not just abstract or ordinary human natural language constructs. Here is the information technology definition for a taxonomy: The classification of information entities in the form of a hierarchy, according to the presumed relationships of the real-world entities that they represent A taxonomy is usually depicted with the root of the taxonomy on top, as in Figure 7.1. Each node of the taxonomy including the root is an information entity that stands for a real-world entity. Each link between nodes represents a special relation called the is subclassification of relation (if the link s arrow is pointing up toward the parent node) or is superclassification of (if the link s arrow is pointing down at the child node). Sometimes this special relation is defined more strictly to be is subclass of or is superclass of, where it is understood to mean that the information entities (which, remember, stand for the realworld entities) are classes of objects. This is probably terminology you are familiar with, as it is used in object-oriented programming. A class is a generic entity. In Figure 7.1, examples include the class Person, its subclasses of Employee and Manager, and its superclass of Agent (a legal entity, which can also include an Organization, as shown in the figure). As you go up the taxonomy toward the root at the top, the entities become more general. As you go down the taxonomy toward the leaves at the bottom, the entities become more specialized. Agent, for example, is more general than Person, which in turn is more general than Employee. This kind of classification system is sometimes called a generalization/specialization taxonomy.
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Avoid redundancy in your skills and training sections. If you are proficient in, say, Microsoft Excel because you took courses in it, list Excel in your Technical Skills section but don t list the Excel course in your Education and Training section.
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Both WSRF and OGSI are concerned with the extension of standard Web services with stateful information, but with different approaches. As shown in Figure 2.32, WSRF separates associated resources from Web services. It uses a WS-Addressing endpoint reference to associate Web services with stateful WS-Resources by using ReferenceProperties in which resources IDs can be speci ed. OGSI models stateful resources with service data elements which are tightly coupled with Grid services or services instances, as shown in Figure 2.33.
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Part V: What Kind of Class Will I Have
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Each bad term is included within itself. As the values are stripped out, the enclosing bad data is reconstituted, leaving us with precisely the data we wanted. Obviously this only works when the known bad terms are composed of at least two distinct characters.
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