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challenge: What on earth would induce a bank employee to knock a chink in his own security system Ask yourself--if you wanted to do this, would you have any idea of how to go about it For people like Vince, it's too easy. People trust you if you know the inside lingo of their job and their company. It's like showing you belong to their inner circle. It's like a secret handshake. I didn't need much of that for a job like this. Definitely not brain surgery. All's I needed to get started was a branch number. When I dialed the Beacon Street office in Buffalo, the guy that answered sounded like a teller. "This is Tim Ackerman," I said. Any name would do, he wasn't going to write it down. "What's the branch number there " "The phone number or the branch number, he wanted to know, which was pretty stupid because I had just dialed the phone number, hadn't I "Branch number." "3182," he said. Just like that. No, "Whad'ya wanna know for " or anything. 'Cause it's not sensitive information, it's written on just about every piece of paper they use. Step Two, call the branch where my target did his banking, get the name of one of their people, and find out when the person would be out for lunch. Angela. Leaves at 12:30. So far, so good. Step Three, call back to the same branch during Angela's lunch break, say I'm calling from branch number such-and-such in Boston, Angela needs this information faxed, gimme a code for the day. This is the tricky part; it's where the rubber meets the road. If I was making up a test to be a social engineer, I'd put something like this on it, where your victim gets suspicious--for good reason--and you still stick in there until you break him down and get the information you need. You can't do that by reciting lines from a script or learning a routine, you got to be able to read your victim, catch his mood, play him like landing a fish where you let out a little line and reel in, let out and reel in. Until you get him in the net and flop him into the boat, splat!
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[ x 2 cos ( x ) x sin ( x )] dx a y
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Figure A7.1 Acidities (as expressed in pKa) of organic functional groups in DMSO.
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Mandatory Access Control
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How is that process going, anyway Wilde asks. The impact of the news about his wholesale division is beginning to sink in. He s a glum cowboy all of a sudden. We re off to a good start. But the thing with Reggie Marchaldon shows me that there s a whole dimension to this SOX stuff that we have to figure out before we can do anything serious. Yes, it s about IT. Yes, it s about internal controls and accounting. But it s also about the company as a whole. The organization. The personalities. The politics. The incentives. Everything ties together. SOX seems to be as much an organizational issue as anything else.
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VarType, in contrast, returns a code that corresponds to one of the Variant subtypes.
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%o0 is the printf() s address in PLT.
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1 1 + 2R2 2Ns 1 e s T 2 2Rs 1 + 2Ns + 2 1 e + T + 1 + 2R2 1 e s T 2 2 Rs 1 + 2Ns cos + T +
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within arbitrary 3-D shapes primarily because of the tools ability to mesh arbitrary shapes using tetrahedrons. High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSSTM, also by Ansoft, Inc.) uses the FEM technique along with an adaptive meshing algorithm, which automatically creates the required mesh based on several user inputs such as the frequency band of interest and the maximum deviation allowed between sweeps of s-parameters. Once solved, this information is generally exported as s-parameters by using the Touchstone7 le format developed by the Agilent Corporation of Santa Clara, CA to be used in circuit simulation. Simulation tools that combine several modeling techniques are becoming more common within the signal integrity discipline. The primary motivation is to simulate complex structures that have large geometries compared with the wavelength (e.g., server board structures operating at 5 10 Gb/s). The resulting hybrid simulation tools have enabled simulation of entire printed wiring boards (PWBs) in an acceptable run time (less than 1 day). Typically, these types of simulation tools are utilized post layout and extracted into the simulation environment from computer aided drawings (CAD). Another interesting bene t of these hybrid simulation tools is the ability to analyze interactions between a system s signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility/interference. Previously, these features were
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Alas, like the largely fictitious accounting organization, the IT organization is also a composite of many separate entities that operate in concert to a greater or lesser degree depending on the quality of their leadership. In terms of agile compliance, though, coordination of separate units of the IT organization is highly relevant. To reiterate a theme I began to develop in 6, it seems that a lot of business people view those in the IT field as being a homogeneous lot. Nothing could be farther from the truth. IT people are not replaceable parts that lack unique characteristics. The fellow who helps replace your keyboard probably has a dramatically different educational pedigree and professional skillset than the person who designs the application architecture for a Fortune 500 company, even if you think of them both as nerds. In general, an IT organization at a large company consists of several discrete entities that may have little do with one another. There is desktop services, which maintains the myriad PCs and printers in use at the business. The Network Operations or Infrastructure people make sure the networks are working this keeps you online and communicating with file servers and enterprise applications that operate on the network. Developers write the software applications that the company uses, or customize commercial software packages. Database administrators manage the databases that underlie so many of the applications used throughout the enterprise. Architects are responsible for overall design and functioning of the enterprise information technology apparatus. Security people are responsible for ensuring privacy and integrity of data and systems, making sure they are free from intrusion and malfeasance. Security people are also responsible for defining and enforcing security policy, which covers Identity Management and dictates who can use or modify specific systems. To make things truly confusing, the IT area is one where vendors often work inside the company, a practice known as in-sourcing. Or, the work itself is shipped off to a vendor, sometimes on another continent. This practice is known as outsourcing or off-shoring. In some instances, the work is done by a combination of internal staff, outsourced and in-sourced personnel, and
used instead of the IMSI after the UE is attached to the network. The P-TMSI is used for the PS Domain, the TMSI for the CS Domain. & Mobile Station International ISDN number (MSISDN). This is the phone number under which this subscription can be reached. At the same time, the MSISDN is the publicly known identi er called public identi er - of a subscription.. The identi er information is mirrored in the HLR. * Secret keys. This information is mirrored in the HLR. * Current location the UE thus replicates the information about location that is also kept in the network (SGSN, MSC and RNC). * Miscellaneous information such as preferred language, the list of preferred networks (e.g. the Home Network), etc. * SMS, MMS, etc.
James Hendler, Tim Berners-Lee, and Eric Miller, Integrating Applications on the Semantic Web
which is shown plotted in Figure 5.13 for liquid water at a temperature of 20 C. This analysis is adequate for water losses in the neighborhood of 2.45 GHz used for heating food in microwave ovens. We can see from the red curve in Figure 5.13 that the resonance of liquid water predicted by this t would occur at about 20 GHz. For a temperature of 100 C, the data of Equation 5.9 may be used to describe the permittivity of water, as shown in Figure 5.14. We can see from the blue curve
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