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Figure 12-18
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Part II: Conquering the File System
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Measurements of the workload, both historically over the past shift day, week, and month, and projected work in the queue to be used in anticipation of peaks and valleys in a demand curve. This is typically captured from shift summary reports or machine counters that are read and recorded on a routine cycle. Often, the data can be gathered automatically from log data or through consoles that are used to monitor throughput and the success or failure of completed procedures or operational tasks. Capacity monitoring and measurement of various flavors, including but not limited to, CPU usage and cycles, storage availability, and
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DII Defense Information Infrastructure. Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) A method used in 802.11b to split the frequency into 14 channels, each with a frequency range, by combining a data signal with a chipping sequence. Data rates of 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps are obtainable. DSSS spreads its signal continuously over this wide-frequency band. Disassociation frame A frame sent when a mobile station wants to terminate an existing association for any reason. Disassociation service The 802.11 term that defines the process a wireless station or access point uses to notify that it is terminating an existing association. Discoverable device A Bluetooth device in the range that allows it to respond to an inquiry message. Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) The IEEE 802.6 standard that provides full-duplex 155 Mbps operation between nodes in a metropolitan area network. Distributed routing A form of routing wherein each router on the network periodically identifies neighboring nodes, updates its routing table, then sends its routing table to all of its neighbors. Because each node follows the same process, complete network topology information propagates through the network and eventually reaches each node. Distribution service Used by an 802.11 station to send MAC frames across a distribution system. Distribution system A component of a 802.11 wireless system that interconnects basic service sets via access points to form an extended service set. Used to forward frames outside of the local BSS. Distribution System Service A set of services used by 802.11 to send MAC frames between stations that are not in direct communication through a distribution system. DITSCAP U.S. Department of Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process.
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Severely Errored max 0.1% of Seconds (SES) time
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I have some rules for buying items to sell on eBay. When shopping for inexpensive items that are second-hand thrift stores, garages sales, and estate sales I usually expect to get at least ten times what I pay. If I pick up a vase and it s marked $1, I ask myself, Can you get $10 for this on eBay This works out to a 900 percent profit margin ($10 minus $1 cost equals $9 profit, divided by the $1 cost equals 900 percent). When I buy higher-end antiques that cost $30 to $450, I try and get three times what I pay. When I purchase any item for over $50, I try to double my money. When buying wholesale lots or direct from a retailer or manufacturer, the rules change dramatically. When I buy a wholesale lot of gift items or clothing, I try to double my money (100 percent margins). I just bought a wholesale lot of 50 pieces of new women s clothing on eBay. I paid $72 plus $40 shipping. That works out to $2.24 per item. I will try to average $5 per item, or about double what I paid. Keep in mind that key word, average. eBay is a numbers game, and one of my clothing items may sell for $100 and the rest for only $2.99. Overall, it will average out to what I expect (based on years and years of experience), which is $250 total. This rule changes drastically if you re buying electronics or computer items. The margins on these lots can be very small 10 to 50 percent. As an example, if you pay $100 for a computer part, you expect to sell it for $110 to $150. When I buy directly from a retailer or manufacturer, my margins vary a lot. As an example, I sell Christmas plates that I buy directly from the manufacturer. I pay $40 for these wholesale, with shipping. They typically sell for an average of $50. The margin on this is 25 percent ($10 profit divided by the $40 cost). You will need to spend some time and figure out what margins you need to achieve to ensure that your eBay business is profitable for you. I discuss this in more detail in 5.
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What was the context of your achievement Was it a particularly challenging situation Was there a problem to solve Costs to cut Business to develop A troubled account to turn around Productivity to improve Systems to streamline You might use phrases such as during a period of major organizational restructuring, despite challenging market conditions, within exceptionally tight deadlines, or accomplished as additional responsibilities while successfully maintaining regular workload. Give enough detail to set the context, but not so much detail that the story becomes too long. Those are only a few examples of situations that can form the context of your asset statement. Describe the context of your asset statement here:
Figure 4.4 The Continuation Pivotal Point is usually a natural reaction or
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